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Google has been fined for inappropriate ads


Google has earned another fine from USA legislation. The culprit was the AdWords service, where Google advertising distributed services prohibited in the country. We are talking about announcements for writing different years of student work, including ready-made diplomas, term papers, reports. The Antimonopoly Service considered such actions to be an administrative violation.

What is the problem

The global search engine has violated the law on advertising, which since November last year has banned any services in a certain way related to the field of education. This includes writing diplomas, coursework, as well as master's and other scientific works related to the passage of certain certifications and exams. At the end of 2018, Google ads were caught on a breach by distributing relevant ads. So, in the issue of a service for certain requests, it was necessary to find advertising content offering advertising services for writing diplomas and other works.


Who's to blame

According to company representatives, all advertising content that is present in Google AdWords goes through several stages of moderation. And only after all the checks it gets into the issue of the advertising service. Initially, ads fall under the filter of an automatic self-learning system, which automatically removes content that violates the rules of the advertising service.

If Google ads could not independently determine the fate of the ad, it will go further to manual moderation, and now the person will make a decision on blocking or admitting to rotation. The company did not specify who was the reason for getting into the issuance of advertising for the preparation of graduation projects and other educational work - a person or an automatics.


Google and the law

As it turned out, this is not the first time Google advertising has had problems with the federal law on advertising. So, in the spring of 2019, the antimonopoly department admitted the company's guilt in publishing advertising for online gambling, although since 2014 all virtual casinos are included in the list of prohibited resources.

In addition, Google has received fines in the past for activities that violate antitrust laws. In 2016, the corporation received a fine for forbidding smartphone manufacturers to install applications of Google's competitors on them. The search engine provided companies with access to Google Play only if their search engine and applications were preinstalled.

The Corporation was fined at the end of 2018 as well. In this situation, the violation was not related to advertising activities. The initiator of the punishment was Roskomnadzor, which fined the global search engine for the fact that the search results contained links to prohibited resources.

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Author: Jake Pinkman