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Google finally said goodbye to the social network of the same name


Google has finally closed its Google Plus project and made an official statement on its blog. All social network accounts are no longer available, now all content will be gradually removed from there. It was decided to finally shut down Google+ after more than half a million accounts were found to be vulnerable as a result of an error.

When launched in 2011, Google Plus was conceived as an equal competitor to Facebook and Twitter. Originally, Google+ wasn't available to everyone, and you could only create a personal profile on it by invitation. Over time, the network became open to everyone. Its principle of operation was similar to other social projects in the presence of typical functions, whether it was the ability to set a status, post your own content, make video calls. In addition, Google+ allowed you to combine your interlocutors into profile "Circles".

The dynamics of the development of the Google network in the first week after the start showed good growth. The company reported millions of registered profiles, but the main problem was that all existing users rarely used the network.


Initially, the social network Google adhered to strict rules, insisting that newly arrived users register only under their real names. Everyone else was threatened with blocking and restricting access to other Google services, including the same Gmail mail. This approach proved to be not the best, since many companies registered on the network under their own brand were mistakenly caught under the distribution. After that, Google revised its actions and allowed commercial projects to create named accounts on Google+.

In order to maintain user interest, Google+ often integrated with other services. The most "memorable" of them was the obligatory link to the YouTube video hosting, when it was allowed to leave comments under the videos only if you had a registered Google+ profile. After a while, the company abandoned the idea, canceling the link to YouTube and Google Play services.

Further, another Google plus initiative took place in 2015, when the social network began to concentrate on online communities. However, the innovation did not arouse the expected interest. Finally, in 2018, the company decided to close the project after discovering a serious vulnerability that put the data of many users at risk.


In addition to closing the social network, Google decided to carry out a serious spring cleanup, getting rid of a number of its own projects. For example, the Google Inbox mail service, the link shortening application, and the Chromecast Audio service fell under the abbreviation.

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Author: Jake Pinkman