American Filmmakers Association bans Google Glass (Topic)

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American Filmmakers Association bans Google Glass


The Motion Picture Association of America and the National Association of Theater Owners have banned Google Glass and any other smart glasses in movie theaters. This is reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

According to the new rules, such devices must be turned off and removed during the screenings, otherwise the employees of cinemas will have the right to take the violator out of the hall and even hand him over to the law enforcement officials.

Previously, some cinemas have already introduced similar restrictions. So, at the beginning of 2014, one of the spectators was detained in the cinema of the AMC network, who did not remove the device during the session, as corrective lenses were inserted into the glasses. Even agents of the Department of Homeland Security were involved in the investigation. The viewer had to hand over his gadget to experts to prove that he was not trying to create a pirated copy of the movie.

As a reminder, Google Glass is an Android-based device being developed by Google. Testing has been in progress since 2012. Google Glass lets you take photos and record videos in 720p HD resolution.

The Topic of Article: American Filmmakers Association bans Google Glass.
Author: Jake Pinkman