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Google Pay has new features


Google has added useful functionality to its Google Pay service. The application has received new tools for the convenience of users and, traditionally, all innovations have so far only touched the United States market.

One of the innovations is the ability to save tickets for entertainment shows and boarding passes in the application. Thus, in Google Pay they will always be in sight, and they can be redirected for saving from other custom services, for example, Ticketmaster.

More loyalty cards and gift certificates

Google plans to gradually expand the list of partner platforms for interaction with the new Google Pay tool. Saved coupons and tickets can be found in the section with gift certificates and loyalty cards. You won't need to print them anyway.

Money transfer

Another innovation concerns money transfers between users. Now users of Google Pay for Android can send money to someone through the service or ask to borrow a certain amount while in the application. The changes also affected the external design of the service. A minimalist design, characterized by a white background color and neat details, is what distinguishes the updated app.

Additionally, the application has the ability to split the payment of joint bills between several users, but their number should not exceed 5 people. Technically, this happens by selecting a recently made payment and requesting compensation. You can now see the latest actions in the "Activity" section that appears. Additional information about the distribution of the updated service in other countries has not yet appeared.

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Author: Jake Pinkman