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Search giant Google unveils Maps Platform with unified API


The global giant Google has launched the Google Maps Platform mapping service, which is useful for companies and individual programmers. The functionality of this platform is provided on a commercial basis.

Tools & Features

18 technological tools for working with geographic objects are combined into a single software. According to the Google corporation, such a merger will make the work of programmers more efficient, make it easier to find the necessary functions, adding them to their own projects. Changes will not affect previously created applications.

The platform functionality is represented by three sections:

"Maps" - to create maps with the addition of Street View;

"Routes" - with the technology of building the necessary directions of movement;

Places - representing information about specific points in the terrain.

The updated technology enables startups and large businesses to model new and improve existing transportation applications, such as Uber. Additionally, Google Maps Platform can assist businessmen in asset tracking. By the way, in March 2018, game creators were able to use the mapping API from Google. The service is successfully used to design virtual reality objects based on a real environment.

The platform is able to interest more development engineers and large business projects, since the service involves the use of the API interface. This explains the commercial nature of the use of the Google Maps Platform. A separate free package will also be provided, but, as you might guess, with a number of restrictions. It is still possible to use the application without making a payment for individual users who do not use a large amount of Google's service in their professional work. Everyone else will have to pay for the platform or use the reduced functionality.

Service Monetization

Google Maps was released in 2005, and since then the popular platform has been widely used around the world. For more than 13 years, the corporation has provided cartographic tools freely, and now for the full use of the technology will have to transfer $ 200 monthly. Although you can not pay and use the application in part, it depends on specific goals.

In the free format, the number of requests in Google Maps will be limited to about 20,000 per month. If their number is exceeded, the platform will cease to function until the beginning of the next period. As the Google corporation itself notes, a limited number is suitable for start-up companies and developers, they do not need more than this limit. Therefore, the payment will affect medium and large projects more. For a monthly fee, the user is provided with unlimited use of all APIs, even if the number of requests reaches millions of values.

Paid services are provided without mandatory advance payment and limits of use. The service is now integrated with the Google Cloud Platform for easier management. As Google promises, all funds will go towards improving the mapping application. From the beginning of June, programmers will have to use a special key to use the platform, as well as acquire a payment account in the Cloud Platform service.

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Author: Jake Pinkman