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How electronics and software makers are fighting coronavirus


The coronavirus pandemic is raging around the world. From this infection people get sick and die, the economy suffers. The governments of all countries develop and implement measures to combat it. All forces are aimed at countering a dangerous disease. In this struggle, developers of electronic products and their colleagues who create software and work in other areas offer all possible help. In this review, we will tell you about the original methods used to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Caviar's "Antibacterial" version of iPhone 11 Pro

The domestic company Caviar specializes in premium modding of popular smartphones. She recently presented her new collection, some of which have original external data.

Two models of Apple iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max smartphones from Caviar received a design in the style of combating COVID-19.

The cases of these devices are equipped with 925 sterling silver plating and decorated with 18-carat gold. The company's specialists have developed four decor options: with images of a dragon, a lotus, "Hands of Fatima" and Nicholas the Wonderworker. Each version is released in limited quantities, only 99 copies.


The creators of the original models do not speculate about their medical use, but note that for many centuries, silver products have been used as a bactericidal agent.

Not surprisingly, these devices have a hefty price tag. The cheapest iPhone 11 Pro with 64GB of ROM costs 344,000 rubles . The Pro Max modification starts at 374,000 rubles.

Smartphone disinfection gadget

A more effective way to combat the spread of a viral infection is offered by Xiaomi through the Youpin crowdfunding platform.

The company's specialists have developed the EUE Phone gadget, which is a portable disinfectant for smartphones.


It allows sterilization not only of devices, but also of devices commensurate with them in size. To do this, place the device inside a special case module, fasten it with a zipper and turn on the power. Inside it is an ultraviolet light source that kills viruses and germs in just 30 seconds.

As practice shows, quite a few of them accumulate on the surface of mobile devices, which users regularly touch with dirty hands.

The manufacturer claims that the efficiency of this cleaning method is 99.99%. One battery charge of EUE Phone battery lasts for 70 procedures. Charging time is 3 hours.

The product fits most models of all global smartphone manufacturers. The cost of the device is $ 69.53.

Microsoft Coronavirus Tracking Map

Microsoft's Bing has launched a web portal to track COVID-19 around the planet.

The main tracker is the website located at On this page, online, you can get objective data on the spread of a dangerous infection.


Authoritative resources such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) are used to collect information.

Each user can view statistics for any country by hovering over it with a computer mouse or touchpad.

The launch of this resource was announced on March 17, after the US President announced the start of work on such a portal by the Google team.

There is information that the company's websites will be able to do more than provide data tracking the dynamics of the spread of the virus. Interested persons can find on their pages information about the symptoms of this disease, the consequences of infection with COVID-19. Information about local testing centers is also available.

This website is currently being developed by the Verily team, a subsidiary of Alphabet. This company specializes in providing medical services.

Ransomware Tracker

During the pandemic, fraudsters of various kinds have become active who are trying to cash in on people's problems. One example of this is the creation of the Coronavirusapp tracker, which is ransomware.

The number of various resources providing data on coronavirus and maps of its distribution is constantly growing. One such application is Coronavirusapp.

After its installation, the user's smartphone is blocked, and a message appears on the screen with a request to transfer an amount in bitcoins equivalent to $ 100 to unlock. Allegedly, if this is not done within two days, then all data on the smartphone will be destroyed.


This computer virus was discovered by DomainTools specialists due to a significant increase in the popularity of the domain. The program, when launched for the first time, asks for permission to access the device's functionality, including control of the lock screen.

Experts urge all mobile device owners to be vigilant and careful when uploading such content. It is better not to download suspicious applications. You should not give any access to third-party programs to the functionality of your device.

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