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Apple lifted its recent limit on the sale of two iPhones in one hand


Apple has lifted a recent ban, according to which users in many countries could buy iPhones and other Apple devices only in limited quantities. Fearing a possible shortage amid unstable production and a delay in the supply of branded gadgets due to the coronavirus, the company decided to play ahead of the curve. When placing an order for any of the current iPhone models through the official online store of the company, the basket allowed only two smartphones to be added. A temporary restriction was introduced in several countries, including USA, the United States, China.

Interim Measures

Now the restriction has been lifted, although a little earlier a similar purchase limit applied not only to smartphones, but also to some other "apple" gadgets. So, in a number of countries, including USA, it was possible to purchase no more than five units of updated Mac Mini nettops, in the United States, the restriction affected the new model range of iPad Pro 2020 tablets, and in the Asian region, such measures affected fresh MacBook Air laptops, the release of which also took place this year. At the same time, some part of Apple products was not affected by the artificial limitation of sales at all.

This is not the first time the company has carried out such a practice, as a result of which a limited sale of iPhones for consumers was established. Apple first applied such measures back in 2007, when its debut smartphone, the iPhone 2G, was released. At that time, this was not associated with the threats of the virus, and in this way the corporation planned to reduce the number of resellers who could start selling them at an inflated price after the massive purchase of new products.


Back in early 2020, the company began to experience difficulties with the delay in the production of its own products at Chinese factories, whose work was temporarily suspended due to the spread of the epidemic. As a result, Apple temporarily imposed sales limits in one hand, although it was theoretically possible to buy an iPhone in more than two. The restrictions applied to one model, so several smartphones of different types could be ordered.

What else did Apple come up with

In addition to the fact that the sale of the iPhone and some gadgets was limited for some time, the company has taken other preventive measures in connection with the spread of the virus. So, Apple already managed to close in February, and then in March to reopen branded retail outlets in China. Then the corporation temporarily stopped the operation of its stores in countries other than the PRC. These restrictions did not affect USA, since here Apple products are sold through the online store and the company's official partners.

The situation with coronavirus forced the company to postpone the announcement of its budget iPhone SE2, which is also called iPhone 9. Initially, its premiere was supposed to take place in March, but now it will be a little later to buy an iPhone of this model.

All this can affect the quarterly profits of the corporation. Back in February, Apple CEO Tim Cook sent out notices to investors about the likelihood that the company's initial guidance for Q1 and Q2 revenue may fall short due to declining shipments and downtime at branded device factories.

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Author: Jake Pinkman