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Apple has banned self-changing iPhone batteries


Apple has added complications for users who decide to do some minor iPhone repairs themselves. And the point is just the simplest manipulation of a smartphone, namely, replacing the battery. Now, some iPhone models will report an error when installing the battery outside the corporate service of the corporation.

Hands off your iPhones

The change only affects the 2018 iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max models. Probably, in this way the world famous "Yabloko" is trying to reduce the number of independent operations with iPhones and wants to involve users in their own service centers. If the iPhone battery is replaced “unofficially,” the current status will no longer be available.

The corporation has officially installed a software lock, which now works in the new 2018 iPhone family. Now, repairing iPhones, that is, replacing the battery not in specialized Apple service points, will cost the user a lock error message. It cannot be deleted, and the information in such a service message will tell you that the device cannot identify a new battery and will advise you to visit a branded Apple service center. This will close the iPhone option for determining battery wear for the user. Interestingly, the service message will pop up even when the original Apple battery is installed in the smartphone. According to the source iFixit, independent manipulations with the battery will not affect the overall performance of the gadget.

The only method to help unlock the battery in this situation is to visit an Apple Authorized Service Center to verify the battery is genuine. The innovation has already become part of iOS 12 and iOS 13 (beta).

By banning self-repairing iPhone, the company is trying to keep users of Apple gadgets within the proprietary ecosystem. In addition, Apple is also struggling with non-original components for branded devices. Calling to contact certified services on any small issue, the corporation also cares about its own profit.

Other tricks by Apple

This is not the first time the company has been practicing the renovation of its gadgets. Thus, a number of Canadian publications cited the results of their own investigation, according to which the corporation overestimated the cost of services in branded service outlets when compared with third-party services. A MacRumors source said that diagnostics to fix certain errors in branded MacBook Pro and iMac Pro is possible only in Apple repair services.

In 2017, Apple "got caught" in the not entirely honest promotion of new smartphones. By deliberately slowing down older models, the corporation tried to sell more new products. Although Apple attributed its actions to customer care, the Internet community reacted violently to such actions. The company made an official apology and in compensation reduced the cost of replacing the battery from $ 79 to $ 29 for all devices starting with the iPhone 6.

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Author: Jake Pinkman