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Apple returns an awkward feature to iPhone again


Apple has decided to supplement the iPhone functions with an option, for which a couple of years ago it paid with dozens of litigations with the owners of branded "apple" gadgets. We're talking about a decrease in device performance that the corporation plans to integrate into its 2018 line of smartphones after the release of the iOS 13.1 update.

Over time, the smartphone's battery wears out, begins to lose charge faster, and the battery life of the gadget is steadily decreasing. Apple envisions the feature, which will appear in build 13.1, to maximize the time of active work in exchange for slowing down the iPhone - the less the battery charge becomes, the more the iPhone will slow down by resetting the operating frequency of the processor. The changes will affect the entire last year's lineup of smartphones, the representatives of which are the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max.


What to do about it

When asked how not to get confused by Apple's obsessive concerns and how to disable iPhone slowdowns, there are at least several solutions. The most drastic option is the transition to Apple smartphones of the new 2019 line of the year, although after the release of the next iPhone family in 2020, the company may again initiate the slowdown of last year's models.

The second method is to install a new battery, but Apple's policy in this direction is quite strict - the company insists that any actions with Apple devices be carried out exclusively at authorized service centers, and not independently.


The slow motion function can also be turned off in the iPhone settings. After that, the operating frequency of the processor will regain its basic values, and then the battery life of the smartphone will be directly related to the battery life. In addition, the company has built in the updated build of iOS 13 the function of optimizing charging for the iPhone XR, XS, XS Max models. The option is designed to increase battery life. To do this, its algorithms analyze the frequency, cycles and charging time.

Slowdown History

Apple was first caught deliberately slowing down outdated iPhones in 2015. Explanations of the new function of the iPhone, many associated with the desire of the corporation to stimulate sales of new smartphones. There was no direct confirmation of this, although the slow operation of such gadgets has become a reality for their owners. The corporation later admitted to a special slowdown for iPhones, making a public apology. Apple blamed customer care as the reason for this, bypassing the awkward selling point.


The owners of the old models caused a negative reaction to the new iPhone functions - the presence of not the cheapest mobile device, which in a couple of years has the prospect of being a middle-class gadget, few people liked. As a result, 2017 became a year of litigation for the corporation. The total number of claims filed has not yet been disclosed. The iPhone owners accused the company of unfair competition and deceiving customers. At the same time, the amounts of moral compensation that the owners of the iPhones wanted to sue the company sometimes reached astronomical amounts, up to $ 1 trillion.

As a compromise, Apple has offered to reduce the cost of battery replacement at branded service centers. As a result, the initial price of the service dropped from $ 79 to $ 29, and the number of calls during the year increased to 11 million, although before that the company's service received 1-2 million calls for battery replacement annually.

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