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New iOS version restricts access to 4G networks


Owners of iPhones around the world faced a problem - the iOS 12 update caused the blocking of 4G high-speed Internet on Apple devices. 3G and Wi-Fi networks have become an alternative when using mobile Internet on iPhone.

On iPads and iPhones equipped with the LTE module, after installing the latest iOS 12.1.1 firmware, fast mobile Internet disappeared. The devices stopped detecting and connecting to the LTE network. As a result, complaints about the update of the mobile system became widespread. However, Apple devices continue to see 3G and Wi-Fi networks, connecting to them without difficulty.

The unavailability of 4G mobile Internet after iOS update does not depend on the networks themselves. Owners of iPhones and iPads from different countries have already paid attention to the problem, but the "symptoms" are different for everyone. Some of the complaints are related to the fact that the iPhone sees the LTE network and can connect to it, but the Internet works only in the browser itself, while various applications do not have access to it. For some, the opposite is true: applications are launched, and the browser cannot open websites. But most of all users are faced with a situation where 4G has simply become unavailable on smartphones and tablets.

Users of Apple devices, after installing the iOS version 12.1.1 update, tried to solve the problem on their own in the classic way - restoring the original factory settings. The procedure that most often helps to solve OS problems turned out to be useless, since the firmware itself was to blame.

iOS 12.1.1

It is known that information about the shortcomings of the iOS 12.1.1 version and the restriction of access to LTE networks appeared at the beta testing stage. Apple developers are now fixing bugs and working on iOS 12.1.2, which has already been submitted to testers for review. The description of the new update is compiled without details and is presented as "an improved version of iOS with fixed bugs." The release of the stable version will show how Apple was able to resolve the problem with LTE networks.

The recent update of iOS 12 has not become a newcomer among the software products of the "apple" company, which has found certain flaws in itself. So, the appearance of the eighth iOS and its subsequent installation led to the loss of some iPhone options: the camera, web browser, sending messages did not work. The subsequent version 8.0.1 fixed flaws, but added new bugs: the iPhone did not always see the network, which led to cellular communication problems.

The next iOS 9 firmware was characterized by fewer flaws, but crashes still happened. The iOS 9.3 upgrade led to the blocking of devices and their complete "incapacity". After installing iOS 10 and iOS 11, users also faced some problems. IOS 12 has been announced by Apple as an operating system that will be faster and more stable than previous operating systems.

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Author: Jake Pinkman