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IOS 13 update will eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy


Not so long ago, another iOS 13 update was released for Apple devices. The operating system is still "raw" and in beta, but it is distinguished by a large number of innovations. Despite the obvious innovation in the form of night mode, the company has made a lot of efforts to change the proprietary operating system, which affected, among other things, the NFC module built into iPhones for contactless payments.

The upcoming iOS update will open up additional opportunities for developers to access the NFC chip. After the update is released, the company's iPhones will be able to read RFID tags on documents, including biometric passports. All this will lead to the fact that the branded App Store will be replenished with applications for digitizing paper media, which was previously available only to owners of smartphones on Android.

The official release of iOS 13 is expected in the fall, which should largely expand the possibilities for using the NFC contactless communication standard in Apple's branded smartphones. Thanks to the new operating system, the NFC module will allow not only making payments, but also identifying document tags and contactless smart cards.


In some countries, the new iOS 13 has already decided to adapt to local documents. For example, the Japanese government is going to adapt iPhones with a new operating system to read personal identification cards, which are used in Japan for tax payments, social benefits and access to government services.

And in the UK, the iOS 13 update will allow residents not to take paper originals of various documents with them, be it a driver's license or passport. IOS 13 users will be able to use digital versions of documents and read them directly from their smartphones.


The official final release of the new mobile system for Apple devices is tentatively scheduled for fall. It will be possible to install the updated version of iOS on the company's smartphones, from iPhone 6s to later models.

The Topic of Article: IOS 13 update will eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy.
Author: Jake Pinkman