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Windows 10 update crashes AMD processors


An update called KB4100347, dated July this year, was created to address the much-publicized Specter vulnerability.

However, the new patch has caused discontent for a certain group of users. When devices with AMD chips received this bug fix update, their operating system began to freeze during the boot phase.

Meltdown and Specter

Serious vulnerabilities named Meltdown and Specter were first discovered in early 2018 on Intel, AMD and ARM64 chips. With their help, third parties have the ability to access user information. The released patch is intended for technology only based on Intel processors, which is reported in the description of the update itself on the official Microsoft support website. There is a possibility that owners of personal devices with AMD processors also received an update, which caused their machines to crash.

By the way, the patch with the same name was re-released a month later (in August). No additions have appeared in its description, so whether this update contains any changes is unclear. It is difficult to estimate the number of devices that received an unnecessary update by mistake; Microsoft has not yet provided an official comment on this matter.

Previously, an update to fix Specter and Meltdown was already causing inconvenience to users. Recently, owners of fourth and fifth generation Intel Core processor chips found that their devices began to reboot spontaneously. However, Intel representatives still continued to recommend patching, albeit with the caveat that updates will still be reworked.

Not a day without jambs

At the same time, problems began for the Windows 10 operating system. Installation of the KB4056892 update caused the OS to stop working, which completely stopped starting. At that time, Microsoft officially acknowledged the problem, although it clarified that AMD initially provided incorrect documentation for their processors. Further distribution of the Windows 10 patch was temporarily suspended, but was soon resumed.

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