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New details about new Apple products have appeared


Before the official announcement of new Apple smartphones, which traditionally takes place in September, online sources posted additional information about their design, software and hardware.

According to Bloomberg, the entire line of new products has been created for a wider coverage of potential buyers. In this regard, the models are presented in an even larger price range, differ in size and have different tools.

However, they have one thing in common: the design of all the announced iPhones is somewhat similar to the "appearance" of last year's flagship iPhone X. According to sources of information, there will be no revolutionary design changes in the upcoming series of iPhones - they are all expected in samples of next year. p>

Three iPhone X enhancements

The most advanced "senior" iPhone with a 6.5-inch OLED screen will be the most expensive model among the expected new products in 2018. The new flagship was tentatively given the working name D33. The presented model will become the largest in size among other iPhones and one of the largest in the entire smart phone market.


Along with its predecessor, the new flagship will be equipped with a steel chassis and a glass back. The device will receive a dual main camera. In terms of software, the D33 will feature the ability to display two applications at once on the display.

Next comes the "mid-range" model with the provisional name D32, which in some ways will become an improved version of the iPhone X. The device with a 5.8-inch screen, according to network informants, will receive upgrades in the form of more performance and a better camera. p>

However, according to sources, the most affordable model of the new line should cause the greatest interest. IPhone tentatively named N84 will be made in the design of last year's iPhone X. At the same time, its 6.1-inch display is equipped with an LCD matrix. It is expected that the "younger" model will receive more color schemes to attract an additional consumer audience. The budget iPhone will be equipped with a cheaper aluminum chassis (unlike the iPhone X, where the part is made of stainless steel).

The available iPhone 2018 is acting as Apple's pilot to differentiate its products by design and color. So, about five years ago, the company had already pinned its hopes on the iPhone 5c, which became the same iPhone 5 only in a plastic version. At that time, the innovation did not produce the desired effect, and lovers of Apple products preferred samples in metal. This year's budget iPhone still has a metal, albeit aluminum case, which should keep it in the line of premium segment devices.

Title in question

According to informants close to this issue, the choice of the name of new products this year has become a real problem for the manufacturer. In fact, all three devices share the same design, each with Face ID support. In addition, the most affordable iPhone is larger than the mainstream model, which can cause confusion among consumers. After considering multiple options, the company settled on the "iPhone Xs" for premium smartphones. The name chosen should also indicate updates to new products compared to last year's iPhone X.


Also, the company did not add an additional "Plus" in the name of the new flagship, which has been used by Apple since 2014 after the release of the iPhone 6 Plus. However, the final version of its name has not yet been chosen.

Production split

The release of the two senior models of the new iPhone line with OLED matrices is organized at the Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. (Foxconn). The production of an inexpensive iPhone with an LCD screen was split between two companies - Hon Hai and Pegatron. All iPhones in 2018 are equipped with Face ID unlock tool, gesture control technology (which Apple first introduced a year ago), while the Home button on new devices is no longer fully anticipated.

Production of devices with OLED screens began in July, while the release of LCD models started only in August, according to network informants. The reason for the later start was additional changes in the design of the LCD panel.

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