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20% of Android users have chosen iOS in recent months


According to a study by the American organization CIRP, up to 20% of current Android owners have switched to systems from Apple within six months.

The lack of mobile alternatives for smartphone users is an obvious but sensitive topic. In fact, the current consumer has nowhere to "go". Not satisfied with the "apple" shell? You can only upgrade to Android. Don't like the last one? Apple is your only alternative.

And according to the latest statistics from CIRP, an interesting trend has emerged in recent months: Android owners are gradually turning their attention to the iPhone. The study did not draw conclusions about why this is happening, but discussed which models with Apple's system are most attractive to Android users.

The market survey of both mobile systems was completed on March 31 this year, the analysis time interval was six months. Thus, the statistics included data on the flagship iPhone X, although, as the graphs show, this model was not the most popular when switching from Android. The most popular were iPhone 8/8 Plus (40% of buyers), followed by iPhone 7/7 Plus (25%). The aforementioned flagship only came in third place.

In the report posted on the MacRumors website, we can also see the interpretation of the results from CIRP co-founder Mike Levin. He claims that displays larger than 5.5 inches have been the most popular among Android deserters. Getting used to bulky devices?

It should be noted that the market analysis was carried out only in the United States. But you must admit that it would be interesting to know how it looks in our country. Have you ever thought about giving up Android for the sake of iOS?

The Topic of Article: 20% of Android users have chosen iOS in recent months.
Author: Jake Pinkman