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Apex Legends Guide - How to Play Solo


Apex Legends differs significantly from its Battle Royale cousins with its emphasis on team play. The distribution of all players into 20 teams of 3 people, an advanced communication system between partners and 8 character classes with unique abilities make cooperative play convenient even if you have to play with randomly selected allies. But those players who prefer to play solo in Apex Legends will have to contend with difficulties. We have prepared a guide with useful tips for such gamers who play lonely.

Let us warn you right away that when answering the question of how to play Apex Legends alone, the easiest way is to give an elementary advice - "run fast, shoot straight." It's funny, but it suits best, because without interacting with the team, the player automatically puts himself in unequal conditions on the battlefield. Playing solo in Apex Legends is hard work, so get ready to truly test your reflexes and ability to make the right decisions in no time. To make it easier for you, we'll provide some basic tips and starting character options that we think are best for solo play.

Tips for Solo Playing Apex Legends

After the character selection screen, two scenarios for further actions are possible: either you follow your partners, or immediately separate by pressing the "start alone" key. Both options are viable and after landing at the same point with the team, it is much easier to give the first battle to opponents, acquire valuable loot and only then go about your business. In the second case, we recommend not to immediately separate from your own team, consider the direction of deployment of the opposing teams and choose the optimal landing point. If you are confident in your abilities, then land on a cargo ship or in areas illuminated by a blue beacon, if not, land in a deserted area.

Apex Legends Guide - How To Solo

A good audio system or headphones are vital for those who decide to play alone in Apex Legends. We recommend that you do not face opponents directly and listen to the steps, especially when you are indoors. You can identify the location of the enemy by sounds, but remember that the rule works in the opposite direction, so when you see or hear an enemy near you, switch to a stealthy movement mode. A winning tactic in Apex Legends is to catch opponents who have separated from the team and shoot them in the back. Not a gentleman, we know, but effective. At the same time, do not forget or quickly change position or finish off a fallen enemy so that he does not report your position to his team.

And for the sake of all saints, in no case do not use "execution", because the spectacular kill animation cannot be canceled and within 5 seconds you become an unprotected target for other players.

Apex Legends Guide - How To Solo

The tactic of slowly waiting for the enemy works great: hide in a secluded place inside the room, say, behind an open door. Having noticed an open door, gamers often run into the room in a straight path and almost never look back, which is why they can substitute themselves under the bullet of a player who is sitting in a secluded place. Playing alone in Apex Legends is easiest for the category of gamers who know how to handle sniper rifles. The main thing is that after being detected by opponents, do not forget to change the deployment in time.

Suitable Characters for Solo Play in Apex Legends

Each character is self-sufficient and adapted to fight even without the support of allies. But we can still point out a few characters that are best suited for single player play:

  • Bloodhound
  • Pathfinder
  • Bangalore
  • Lifeline

Let's consider each character in more detail.


The "Pathfinder" passive ability is perfect for stealthily tracking opponents, which can be used both for stealthily attacking a lagging enemy, and in order to avoid a firefight. Note that for grinding experience points, tactics with avoiding opponents are best suited, since for a long game session they give much more experience than for a couple of kills. The active ability "Eye of the All-Father" is also suitable for tracking down the enemy, as well as the ultimate ability "Brutal Hunter". The latter is so generally indispensable in situations where Bloodhound is surrounded by opponents.

Apex Legends Guide - How To Solo


The character is great for conducting sniper battles, thanks to the ability to occupy hills inaccessible to other players. The rope launcher is also useful for other purposes, for example, to explore new territory in search of loot. Cat-Hook is also an extremely useful ability and allows you not only to hastily escape from the battlefield, but also to deceive opponents. Here's a quick tip for Apex Legends: if you notice an enemy run into a two-story building, don't follow in their footsteps. Better to use the grappling hook to climb into the building through the balcony or roof opening and surprise your opponent with a deadly surprise.


Bangalore is the ultimate class that can be played alone in Apex Legends equally, both at short and long distances. The passive skill "Accelerated March" together with the ability "Smoke Cannon" will allow you to disorient the enemy in a head-on collision, or change the location noticed by the players of the enemy team as soon as possible. The Ult "Rolling Thunder" is not recommended for causing significant damage to enemies, however, it is also perfect for disorientation. Under a hail of missile strikes, players will be the last to keep an eye on where Bangalore was fleeing at record speed, which, of course, opens up a number of tactical advantages.

Apex Legends Guide - How To Solo


Finish the guide to single player Apex Legends with a support class character - Lifeline. Immediately we sweep aside the passive skill that forms a protective field during the resurrection of a fallen ally, we do not need it. On the other hand, the character has a slightly more useful passive skill - the use of healing items is 25% faster. Combine that with a healing drone summon and a supply container, and you've got a damn tough character for solo sessions. As we mentioned earlier, playing Apex Legends alone is extremely difficult, so extra gear and an "endless" supply of health kits are always welcome.

Note that two weeks ago, attentive users found in the game files hints of future updates that will add solo and pair mode to Apex Legends, in which players are divided into 25 squads of 2 fighters. We also offer you to check out other guides: a complete overview of weapons and tips for playing as Pathfinder.

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