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Apex Legends Hero Guide - How To Play Octane


Along with the first Season Pass, Apex Legends has a new hero, Octane. The nimble kid and dope enthusiast with robotic legs is significantly different from the usual characters, requiring the player to be skillful and time consuming to get used to the hero's abilities and subsequently take the podium of the Apex champion. Therefore, today we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the Octane guide in Apex Legends and tell you about the main game tactics and seemingly not obvious features of the character.

Key Features of Octane

  • Fast amendment. One of the most useful passive skills in the game, restoring the hero one unit of health in 2 seconds
  • Stimulant. An active ability that increases the speed of Octane by 30% for 6 seconds, but instead takes 10% of your health
  • Trampoline. Ultimate ability, thanks to which the hero sets up a trampoline that allows him to jump long distances

Octane Tips

In many ways, Octane in Apex Legends resembles Pathfinder, he also has high mobility and encourages high-speed play. That is why we advise to choose Octane only for those players who are familiar with the mechanics, studied the geometry of the levels and learned how to generously endow the enemy with portions of lead to the head. Like Pathfinder, Octane is effective at short and long distances due to its high movement speed and the ability to quickly change location.

Apex Legends Hero Guide - How to Play Octane

At the same time, we believe that it is precisely close-range combat that best unleashes Octane's potential. Using stimulants and a trampoline along with Octane's skinny model makes him an almost unattainable target for opponents. The only condition is to shoot accurately and move in zigzags. At the same time, the ability to quickly reduce the distance to the enemy will allow you to use melee weapons in any convenient situation. Therefore, when choosing weapons, we recommend taking a shotgun and, for example, a submachine gun or a machine gun in order to quickly send an enemy squad to Valhalla.

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Tips for using the First Amendment ability

It is obvious that this ability was introduced to compensate for the negative properties of stimulants. But if for some reason you do not use stimulants, then the "fast amendment" will greatly facilitate the passage. Saving on first-aid kits and the ability to restore health at the time of a slight lull or diligent collection of loot is always useful. Yes, even at the time of fierce battles, recovering 1 health unit in 2 seconds gives Octane a tiny advantage in Apex Legends over other heroes. Just note that you should not take the "Fast Amendment" as a panacea and always keep a stock of standard first-aid kits with you.

Apex Legends Hero Guide - How To Play Octane

Tips for using the Stimulant ability

Stimulants are recommended to be used wisely, but they are extremely useful in order to retreat from the battlefield or vice versa, persistently follow the opponents and discharge a clip of ammunition into their backs and faces. The main advantage is not even that stimulants significantly speed up the character's speed, but in the ability to use the ability at any time. Thanks to the almost instant recovery, you are not limited in the use of stimulants and can, for example, escape from the narrowing playing field as soon as possible. In addition, we note that despite the penalty of 10 health points, stimulants cannot kill Octane.

Apex Legends Hero Guide - How to Play Octane

Also, based on our observations, we can see that it doesn't matter if you have a weapon in your hand or not, when injecting a stimulant, Octane moves at the same speed. Another positive feature of stimulants is the leveling of the negative effects of stunning. When stunning Gibraltar's Ultimate or Shock Grenade, use stimulants and continue your bloody campaign against hostile teams as if nothing had happened. But, nevertheless, in our guide to Apex Legends, we note one unpleasant feature of stimulants - when using a stimulator, there is a slight delay before the shot. Always take it into account before opening fire on an enemy.

Trampoline usage guidelines

Trampoline is great primarily for reducing the distance between objects. Saw an excellent loot location or meet an impregnable rocky cliff - use Octane's trampoline. A trampoline can also work to dodge opponents or escape from the battlefield, but keep in mind that the throwing distance of the trampoline depends on two variables of the player's movement speed and camera position. It's simple: the higher your speed and the more you pulled up the camera, the higher the trampoline throw range. Additionally, we note that by jumping on Octane's trampoline, you can climb trees.

Now let's move on to the non-obvious features of the ultimate. The trampoline can be broken with shots, so don't be surprised if you don't find it in its original position. If Octane throws a trampoline under his feet, he will be able to make high jumps in one place, due to which you can almost endlessly be outside the map border and inspect the battlefield. Remember that you can shoot or use healing items while jumping on the trampoline.

Apex Legends Hero Guide - How To Play Octane

Finally, we note that Octane's trampoline in Apex Legends is best thrown to your fallen companions on the battlefield. Similar tactics as with the portal at Rafe, only the trampoline has no entrance and exit, and if the enemy did not see your partner's carcass hovering, then he only has to guess in which direction the player jumped. This gives you a chance to resurrect your teammates in a safe place and continue the fight.

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