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Apex Legends Hero Guide: How To Play As Pathfinder


In the shooter Apex Legends, players are given a choice of 8 unique heroes, which radically differ in their skills and tactics of the game. In our Apex Legends guide, we'll talk more about the Pathfinder character, talk about his distinctive abilities, and give some tips on how to not just play as Pathfinder, but also win.

The main features of Pathfinder

  • Infiltration. A passive skill that allows you to connect to the beacons and find out the locations of the next play zone
  • Hook-cat. An active ability with which the character is able to quickly move around the map and climb to inaccessible locations
  • Rope launcher. Ultimate ability that acts like a grappling hook, but allows you to travel much further.

Pathfinder Tips

The hero belongs to the support class and does not have combat skills, therefore, for beginners who are just starting their acquaintance with the game Apex Legends, we recommend paying attention to him as the last resort. In close combat and open encounters, the Whitefinder will be less effective than Gibraltar or Bloodhound. Of course, until the player learns to think tactically and realizes all the advantages of a grappling hook or a rope launcher.

Apex Legends Hero Guide: How To Play Pathfinder

Pathfinder is also an ideal sniper hero, as can climb hills inaccessible to other characters and slowly shoot opponents with a weapon with a telescopic sight. The ability to quickly change positions is also useful and will be appreciated by fans of fighting in a sniper style.

Tips for using Infiltration

The Pathfinder is the only class that is able to interact with landmark beacons and know the diameter of the play area in the next round. Beacons are usually found in the white area, marked with black and white icons, and located on the tops of buildings. Usually it is impossible to get to them without using a hook or a rope launcher. As soon as you notice them - head towards them, go to the lighthouse and press the interaction key. Apex Legends Pathfinder will connect to the beacon and inform the team about the play area in the next round.

Apex Legends Hero Guide: How To Play Pathfinder

Beacons can be scanned an unlimited number of times per game, but they are most useful in the final rounds because allow you to find out about the next play zone and gain a foothold in the location. Then it remains only to wait for the enemy and generously treat him with lead.

Tips for using the cathook ability

The hook is used for three purposes: quickly move to the desired position, escape from the line of fire, and climb to inaccessible heights. The most common scenario: you met a player of the enemy team - you shot him, your lives are at the limit and another enemy appears from around the corner. We recommend once again not to play the hero, use the grappling hook, go around the structure, move unnoticed behind the enemy's back, wait until he stops looking for you and tries to restore his fallen comrade-in-arms - that's when it's time to strike back and unload a clip from the machine gun into the back of the enemy ... This is a standard tactic for playing Apex Legends as any character, but with fast cat-assisted travel, it is especially powerful for Pathfinder.

Apex Legends Hero Guide: How To Play As Pathfinder

It is imperative to learn how to use the grappling hook correctly. The standard use of the ability is to catch on a hill and pull in a straight line to the desired point. For example, to the second floor of a building. True, problems often arise when you are hooked on the second floor, the character begins to gravitate, accidentally hooks onto the balcony pallet and, due to the inability to continue moving, falls to the ground. To avoid this, we recommend changing the direction while pulling the cable - for this, look in the right direction and the Pathfinder will go around the obstacle.

Another tip for playing Apex Legends is that you can press the jump key while grabbing the hook to give the rope a boost and make a giant jump.

Tips for Using the Rope Launcher

Let's finish the Apex Legends guide on playing as Pathfinder with the ultimate ability of the character - the rope launcher. The ability comes in handy for several functions and makes Pathfinder the follower on the team. Spotted an unexplored location with potentially valuable loot? Make your way to it using the zipline and at the same time do not forget to mark the starting point of the cable engagement using the radial command menu. Allies will be able to use the zipline, follow Pathfinder, and with him acquire valuable equipment.

After installing the cable, there is no need to immediately move with it to a new location. It can act as Plan B when opponents surround the team and leave no room for maneuver. Just be careful when moving on the zipline when surrounded by rivals, as you are easy to spot and shoot down in flight. By the way, enemy teams can also use the Apex Legends cable, so do not forget to control the final point that the cable launcher is hooked on. A small life hack in Apex Legends: you can shoot with a rope launcher in the midst of opponents and wait for the enemies to grab the bait, come to you on the rope and be taken by surprise.

Apex Legends Hero Guide: How To Play Pathfinder

Perhaps the most important advantage of the rope launcher is the ability to climb locations inaccessible to other characters. The usefulness of this skill for snipers is undeniable, but the rope launcher is often extremely useful in the final rounds of the game in Apex Legends. If the stars have successfully aligned and there is a hill in the safe area of the circle, climb it using the rope. Due to the small diameter of the circle, the remaining opponents will be visible at a glance and your team will gain a tactical advantage. The only "but": beware of grenades and ultimates from Bangalore and Gibraltar, hitting the area.

For beginners in Apex Legends, we invite you to read the guide, where we tell you about 10 gameplay secrets of the game.

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