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Apex Legends Hero Guide: How To Play The Wraith


Each of the Apex Legends heroes is unique, requiring a special approach and several tens of hours spent to master the character's abilities and build winning tactical schemes that take advantage of the hero's main advantages. This rule fully applies to Wraith in Apex Legends, who does not have combat skills, but at the same time, it is the players who choose Wraith who most often take the first places in the standings and become Apex champions. The character is ambiguous, requiring a habit, but so interesting, and therefore today we will tell you how to play as Wraith.

Wraith Highlights

  • A voice from the void. A passive skill that warns in a whisper that the hero is in the crosshairs of opponents
  • Into the void. An active ability that allows Wraith to bend space and leave the field of view of opponents
  • Rift. Ultimate ability with which a character opens two portals

Wraith Tips

The character belongs to the combat class, so he can become an unofficial leader and set the direction vector for the movement of the team. Taking heroes out of a massive attack, paving a short path to a new location with loot, or leading a team right behind unsuspecting opponents - in the right hands, Rafe can become the most valuable character in the squad. Provided, of course, that the player relies on teamwork.

Apex Legends Hero Guide: How To Play The Wraith

But even when playing solo, the hero will be able to give a worthy rebuff to the enemies. As we mentioned above, Rafe in Apex legends does not have combat skills in her arsenal, but it is precisely due to the ability to make surprise attacks and hastily change deployment that she gets significant advantages.

At the same time, we note that in equal proportions, Rafe is suitable for combat at close and long distances. The main thing is to choose the right weapon (we have devoted a specialized guide to Apex Legends to the weapon review) and, depending on the context, change the tactics of using special abilities.

Tips for using the Voice from the Void

This skill is extremely useful both for Wraith herself, in order to get out of the line of fire at the very last moment and not catch an aimed headshot in the head, and for the team of allies. When you hear a "voice from the void", do not forget to press the button responsible for communication with the squad in order to warn friendly players about the danger and in the shortest possible moment allow the team to take an advantageous position, for example, hide in a structure. We also recommend separately using headphones when playing as Wraith in Apex Legends, since the prompting voice is easy to listen to, and in some cases the ability can increase the volume of enemy footsteps, which will be appreciated by the owners of headphones.

Apex Legends Hero Guide: How To Play The Wraith

Void Ability Use Tips

An extremely useful ability that gives the hero 2 important advantages: invulnerability and almost complete invisibility. There are a huge number of options in which "leaving into emptiness" can be useful. Let's name a few of the most common ones: in order not to take damage, after getting beyond the border of the narrowing playing field, to catch up with the retreating foes, change the deployment and avoid both aimed fire and from an unequal skirmish in close combat, where you have no other option but to retreat. Going into the Void will help players who like to play the sniper in Apex Legends: by taking a secluded position and being discovered by a competitive squad, you can change position in the shortest possible time.

Of course, such a useful ability has its drawbacks. Firstly, invisibility is not absolute and when "entering the void" a blue trail is drawn for Rafe, so do not be surprised when, after using the ability and changing your position, you immediately find yourself under the crossfire. In addition, at the moment of activating the ability, Rafe in Apex Legends cannot interact with objects: open doors, pick up equipment or resurrect fallen companions on command. Therefore, we recommend that when using the ability to move along an already known route, so as not to stumble upon a dead end in the form of a closed door.

Apex Legends Hero Guide: How To Play The Wraith

Rift Tips

Activates two portals for 60 seconds and can be used for exactly the same purposes as Pathfinder's "cable launcher": quickly escape from the ring of fire, send the team to the rear of the enemy or to the nearest location with loot, hastily change position or lure enemies into trap, leaving a portal near the enemy positions. But at the same time, Rafe's ultimate ability in Apex Legends has both disadvantages and advantages compared to the "rope launcher". The disadvantages include the smaller distance between the two points of the "ult" and the need for Rafe to trample the path between the portals herself, and the advantages of almost instantaneous movement without fear of falling under enemy attacks.

Like "going into the void", the ability will come in handy for a quick and, most importantly, an unexpected change of location when conducting sniper shooting. However, in the Apex Legends Wraith Guide, we will touch on one important feature that is not often mentioned. If you find yourself in a dangerous scrape, your comrades are knocked down and you feel that you cannot give battle to the opponents who have surrounded you and there is not enough time to revive your comrades-in-arms, then leave the entry point to the portal near them and the exit point already in a safe location. Even being knocked down, characters can move through the portals, which will allow them to be resurrected in a situation where there is no fear every second of being hit by massive enemy fire. But here, you should be on your guard, as the enemy, using the portal, can visit your team.

Apex Legends Hero Guide: How To Play The Wraith

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