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Apex Legends Guide - 10 Gameplay Secrets You May Not Know About


Apex Legends has unexpectedly become a major sensation in the battle royale genre. Respawn shooters have decided to revise the rules of Battle Royale and have filled the game with a significant number of unusual mechanics that are difficult to notice even for veterans of the genre. In our today's guide to Apex Legends, we have collected the most interesting and not obvious gameplay secrets that can greatly facilitate the game and lead even a beginner to the coveted title of champion of Apex Legends.

1. Correct bullet drop ballistics with sniper scope

With the seemingly arcade shootouts in Apex Legends, the game has a fairly realistic bullet ballistics, which is why the cartridge flies in an arc and at long distances problems may arise when trying to hit the enemy. The following secret of Apex Legends will help to cope with the peculiarities of ballistics: use the sniper scope and pay attention to the interface labels. On the right side of the screen, you can see the counter of the distance to the enemy, and below under the crosshair of the sight a row of numbers from 2 to 5. Each dash with a number indicates the place where the bullet fell, depending on the distance indicated to the enemy: 2 - 200 meters, 3 - 300 meters and so on.

Apex Legends Guide - 10 Gameplay Secrets You Could Know don't know

2. Wall jump

Hero mobility and advanced parkour system are one of the main features of the game. And although in the game Apex Legends, unlike Titanfall, there is no run on the walls, but it is possible to push off the wall. To do this, while jumping onto the wall, look at it and when the character touches the vertical surface, he will stop for a split second. At this point, look in the right direction and press the jump button again to push off from it and continue moving. In words, it may sound a little difficult, but with the proper skill, jumping off the wall can become the main saving trick in especially hot firefights.

3. Unique properties of legendary loot

The next Apex Legends secret will tell you more about the legendary ammunition, marked in yellow in the inventory. If we talk about legendary weapons, then some of them use unique cartridges, so when you use up all the ammunition, we recommend throwing it away immediately. This rule only applies to legendary weapons in Apex Legends with a unique name. If you come across a standard yellow weapon, then it differs from the usual weapons by preinstalled modules, such as a sight or increased ammunition.

The legendary armor is even more interesting. For example, a helmet allows you to quickly restore abilities, and armor completely regenerates shields when the enemy is executed. The most valuable example of the legendary weapon is the knockout shield. Its owner can resurrect himself after a knockout, so we advise you to immediately finish off those opponents whose knockout shield is repainted yellow.

Apex Legends Guide - 10 Gameplay Secrets You Could Know don't know

4. Pay attention to characters' phrases

Each Apex Legends character is voiced and has a number of prepared lines that will help the team navigate the battlefield even without using a headset. The most obvious is the message that at the moment team members are far from each other or outside the death ring. Among the less obvious are the message about finding valuable loot or the phrase of the character Rafe signaling that there are opponents in the building.

5. Peightfinder's Fast Cooldown and Hook Secrets

For more details in the Apex Legends guide, we will focus on the character of the Whitefider. It is not for nothing that the robot is called the "ideal scout" in the game, since the abilities allow you to move around the map in the shortest possible time and at the same time have a minimum rollback period. We advise you to use the ultimate ability that releases the cable as often as possible in order to transfer to the next point with loot or to escape from the narrowing playing field. Also, the tross works great in conjunction with a sniper weapon: use it to transport yourself to a hill and shoot dummies from an inaccessible point.

Let's dwell on a couple of secrets in Apex Legends related to the Pathfinder hook. With a hook, you can be attracted not only to surfaces, but also to opponents. The game also allows you to control the direction of the character when pulling with a hook and thereby go around obstacles. To do this, turn the camera to the right or left to move the character in space while using the grappling hook.

Apex Legends Guide - 10 Gameplay Secrets You Could Know don't know

6. Move faster with a slide

Apex Legends players use tackles to disorient opponents and get out of the line of fire, but that's just one of the many benefits of tackling. This movement has other secrets as well. For example, your character can move faster if you alternate between running and sliding. Also in our guide to Apex Legends, we recommend using it to develop a record speed when going downhill, which allows you to change location in the shortest possible time. You can additionally increase the character's movement speed by pressing the roll key while falling, which is especially useful when using the Peitfinder hook.

7. Use doors wisely

There are several secrets associated with doors in Apex Legends, we will tell you about three. First, doors can be knocked out with a melee strike to stun opponents. Secondly, with the help of explosives, you can destroy the door, and at the same time fill the room with dust and again stun the enemies inside the knowledge. Third, open doors can be used as a springboard to get to other floors of the building faster.

Apex Legends Guide - 10 Gameplay Secrets You Could Know don't know

8. All characters move at the same speed

Don't be fooled by the size or animation of the various characters. Bloodhound, Gibraltar, and other in-game avatars have the same running speed, jump size, or slide duration. At the same time, some features of the characters can increase the speed of movement. You can remember at least Bangalore being able to move faster when taking damage.

9. Don't forget about the deployment points of valuable loot

As with any battle royale, the outcome of a battle in Apex Legends largely depends on who gets the valuable gear first. It should be wise to determine the landing point and be guided not least by the marks on the map. A blue mark means a zone with valuable loot, but when landing on this location, you should count on fierce resistance from players who are greedy for good equipment.

While exploring the location, you may notice on the left side of the screen a mark with loot of various categories. If the category is higher, we advise you to scrupulously explore the location. Also in the Apex Legends guide we will mention small tripod drones that look like Apex kits. If you find and destroy them, they are more likely to drop valuable equipment.

Apex Legends Guide - 10 Gameplay Secrets You Could Know don't know

10. The numbers matter

We'll end the Apex Legends guide with damage numbers that should be prioritized. The total level of life and armor of the highest class is 200 units. When shooting, we advise you to count the amount of damage done and take into account the color of the damage figure. White color indicates that the character is wearing a standard body (2 armor slots), blue - a medium body (3 slots) and purple - an improved body (4 armor slots). If the color of the numbers is red, then the enemy is out of armor, and if it is yellow, you have a head shot.

In the future, we will publish even more useful secrets and tips for Apex Legends, but for now we suggest you check out the selection of the main games of February 2019 so as not to miss the hit news of the season.

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