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Top 10 Things That Piss Us In Apex Legends


We play a lot of Apex Legends, and have already adapted to the fact that it has become a part of our gaming life. But as in other online projects, the game has a lot of little things that piss us off. We have already written about how cool the game came out, wrote various guides on weapons and passage, and now it's time for a five-minute hate. We dug into Western and domestic forums to compose the top 10 crazy things in Apex Legend. I warn you, some points may not seem objective, but rather purely personal, but this is the world we live in.

1. The fallen team member leaves the game

This is probably the most basic maddening thing about this battle royale. The developers have created a cool respawn system, thanks to which your partners can revive you if you fall or die. The game is made so that you don't leave the battle until it's over, but some players don't care and they leave the match as soon as they fall. I had a couple of cases when a member of my team lay dead for half the game, and then we resurrected him and reached the end [we really lost, but still]. Therefore, it really pisses me off when the player just merges.

Apex Legends

2. People who merge a second before rebirth

The worst-case scenario is when your partner is dead and is waiting for you to pick up his flag and take it to the spawn beacon. This is always quite problematic, because the lighthouse can be far away, and the enemy or the ring can jam you. And so you break through to the lighthouse with the flag of your comrade, having thrown in a lot of strength, and he unexpectedly leaves a second before being reborn, leaving you shouting: “Nooo Good, please, noooo! NOOOO! "

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3. Lovers of executions

When two squads collide, someone will definitely fall in them. And quite often it happens that when one person remains in the enemy team, and in your two, instead of fighting off them, the enemy finishes off your lying friend. Especially infuriates if this lying one is you. As a result, they kill him, and you need to wait for the revival, and then loot from scratch. Likewise, it infuriates when you are the only one on your feet in the team, and the enemy, instead of fighting back or at least trying to raise his own, will execute your partners before you kill him.


4. Greedy ones

Got into a situation where you were hit, and members of your squad fought back, but instead of resurrecting you, they loot? I think so, and it pisses me off. I understand that loot is cool, but can you raise me? And then suddenly the enemy will attack, and you are one less ?!

Here I want to include a sub-item when your team members greedily loot every corner, and you do not have time to take anything. I admit, who did not have time, that is a problem, but can you at least point out where at least some weapon is?

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5. Silent people

Not all people like to use microphones, and sometimes it's useless if everyone on your team speaks different languages without knowing English. To do this, Apex Legends came up with a cool sign system that solves this problem. It's a pity there are players who don't use it at all or don't follow the directions, sending you to hell. This makes it difficult to cooperate and understand what is generally going on in the team.

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6. Solo gamers

Launcher in Apex Legend is a very cool feature that helps you land in one place as a team. However, you may come across a player who does not care about it, and during the flight, he just picks up and separates from you, gracefully flying to the side. Well done dude, now you will most likely die, because you are left alone, and it will be more difficult for us to play. For some reason, some do not understand that Apex Legend is a team game, and if you want to play solo, you have beaten the battle royals!

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7. Third extra

This is a diametrically opposite situation, and even worse. It's about being left alone to die. At the beginning of the game, I had cases when members of my squad, instead of picking me up after a firefight, just threw like a bag of garbage and left, and I was a lost rookie, lying, realizing that I would die.

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8. When random is against you

It's a sin to complain about this, but it is still very annoying when you landed, but found only improvements. Yes, it's cool that I found a bunch of goodies, but I have nowhere to apply them. And then bang, you were attacked and you corpses. I understand that this is the price of randomness, but when this happens several times in a row, it is unfair.

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9. I choose you!

In games like Overwatch, people often play as one character, but there aren't many in Apex Legends, and you should be able to play as multiple heroes. Alas, not everyone understands this, and some players leave the game when someone chooses their favorite character and this is where it all ends before they can start. It's nice to associate your playstyle with a certain legend, but heck, it's not that simple.

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10. Smoke Caustic

You can say a lot about the fact that we are enraged by those who do not know how to play for their characters, but this is too commonplace, because this is also the case in other games. But with Caustic it's different. Many players do not like its poisonous smoke perk, because it interferes with play, even if used in place. Okay, it can be survived, but it is much worse when there are teams in which there is one Caustic and they both use their skills in an enclosed space. It is not clear where whose smoke is, no enemies are visible and it is not clear where to go - as a result, everyone simply dies.

Apex Legends caustic

Of course, there are other little things that annoy us in this game, such as useless improvements, stupid sights, bugs and crashes or death at the very end of the match. But these are features that are found in other online games. Until then, this was our top killer stuff in Apex Legends.

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Author: Jake Pinkman