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Apex Legends Review - Is It The Best Battle Royale?


The gaming industry is a weird thing. Someone has been doing their project for years, raising a sea of hype around it, feeding the audience short teasers and trailers, conducting a powerful advertising campaign and as a result it fails. And someone announces the game a week before its release, then releases it, and it gains 2.5 million users in the first day, and 72 hours after its appearance, this mark reaches 10 million. Of course, we are talking about the new Apex Legends battle royale from the creators of Titanfall, which appeared as unexpectedly as it became popular.

Just by comparison, Overwatch only reached its 10 million after three weeks, and PUBG was able to achieve this result only six months after its release. True, Fortnite, which scored 10 million players in just one event with DJ Marshmello, is still far from it, but such impressive results as in Apex Legends give us reason to think, is this really the best battle royale?

Where are the Titans?

The battle royale takes place in the Titanfall universe, but if you delve into the plot, it is not difficult to understand that there is no special connection with the original universe. The information that this is one world does not affect the gameplay in any way. It may seem that this is purely a formality because the action could just as well take place, for example, in the world of Borderlands.


The whole plot boils down to the fact that after the retreat of the troops from the planet Frontier, chaos, lawlessness and almost post-apocalypse began on it. It was filled with bandits who came up with such entertainment as the Apex battle royale.

The sparse connection to the original universe is compensated for by others, which makes Apex Legends a good game - these are its written characters, which were given more attention by Respawn Entertainment than their counterparts in the "battle royale" workshop. All eight legends (as the characters are called here) are spelled out, well voiced and memorable. Primarily due to the fact that the basic skills are very well developed in them.


Each of the legends has unique skills: passive, active and ultimate. From this their class is determined - reconnaissance, support, attack and defense. At the same time, things like damage, health and stamina are the same for everyone, which balances the characters well.

All these skills give their benefits. For example, the passive skill of the Bangalore soldier gives him the ability to accelerate under fire. With an active skill, someone can scan the area in search of enemies, and with the ultimate, some characters can even cause a bombardment on opponents.


Cooking according to the team recipe

The main feature of Apex Legends is that real dynamic gameplay begins when you combine the abilities of your entire team. Currently, only battles in a team of three are available in the game. It is difficult to choose who will be in it. For example, you need a medic who can heal a wounded comrade, while covering himself with a shield (this is a medic's passive skill), but he can be killed. A scout is also needed, although there is no guarantee that you will be able to get close enough to the enemy.


What can I say - the game balances on the principle that you cannot create an ideal team (just like in life). By choosing one advantage, you lose another, but any combination of three characters is very effective. This is a significant plus of the game, each character is in demand. There is no such thing that everyone wants to play with one or two characters, because they are imbecile, and the rest are useless, as is often the case in online games. The only thing is that a team can only have one unique character.


The tagging system also helps. It may seem that it is impossible to assemble a sensible team without two friends, but thanks to the system of marks, which helps to indicate the location of weapons, loot, the location of the enemy and the road, this is possible. Tags help to communicate without a microphone and overcome the language barrier.

Royal Meat Grinder

The gameplay is pretty classic for a battle royale. From one end of the map to the other, a ship flies, from which players disembark. The only difference is that the landing site is chosen by one team member (who exactly does this, you choose before disembarking). We also have to land with the help of jetpacks and it becomes tactically more convenient to choose a landing site.


All places with top loot are marked on the map. This is where the first collisions occur most often. The gameplay itself focuses on dynamic and tactical combat, making the game fast and intuitive. In Apex Legends there is no such thing that you have to hide somewhere and wait out someone's attack, everyone immediately goes into battle. Heroes move easily and quickly, all weapons on the ground are pre-loaded, upgrades are placed automatically. All upgrades have a color scheme. For example (conventionally), the white magazine is small, the orange one is much more capacious, and the red one also has special cartridges, etc.


Pleases the size of the map, which always pits opponents against each other and forces you to fight. All battles take place according to the principle of a shootout and even if you are ambushed, you can shoot back. There is no such thing that you spent half an hour lying across the map to the right place and a one-shot flew to your head. In addition, health regenerates quickly, and even if you get shot, your team can heal or revive you if they take the flag that fell from your dead body to the Rebirth Beacon.


Best Battle Royale?

I would say Apex Legends is the battle royale we all wanted to see: well-built and relatively self-contained. It takes the best from other battle royals and also borrows a shareware distribution model from Fortnite. It was not in vain that I recalled Borderlands, because in its mood it very much resembles him. Optimization, good balance, competent distribution of skills among characters and dynamics make the game one of the best battle royals to date.


When I’m an old grandfather, an oldfag, I’ll begin to tell the stories of my grandson to casuals about how the royal battles originated in my lifetime, and I will definitely mention how Apex Legends became a real boom. Therefore, if you are interested in the genre, the game is definitely recommended for acquaintance.

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Author: Jake Pinkman