Intel Flexible Display Tablet, E-Ink Color Smartphone and Other Electronic New Products Showcased at CES 2020 (Topic)

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Intel Flexible Display Tablet, E-Ink Color Smartphone and Other Electronic New Products Showcased at CES 2020


The annual CES 2020 is taking place in Las Vegas these days. Representatives of all major electronics developers showcase their products and talk about technology. Other companies are also not offended by the attention here. In this review, readers can familiarize themselves with several interesting gadgets and one technology. Let's tell you more about everything.

Intel 17 '' Tablet PC

Bendable devices are making their way into the lives of users around the world. At first it was only smartphones, but then laptops and even speakers appeared.

Now the turn has come to tablets. Intel announced the Horseshoe Bend with a 17.3-inch display at CES 2020.

When creating it, the developments were used that were formed during the work on two other models: Tiger Rapids and Twin Rivers. The creators reported that they faced a number of difficulties. First of all, it concerns the integration of a foldable 17.3-inch display into the body. There were also problems with ensuring sufficient autonomy of the device.

The basis of the hardware filling of the gadget is the Intel Tiger Lake UP4 chipset, all working processes are controlled by Windows 10.

Folding of the tablet halves is carried out using a special hinge, in order to improve ergonomics in work, a comfortable stand was used.

Lenovo's flexible laptop was shown earlier at the exhibition. Horseshoe Bend differs from it in the presence of thin frames, which corresponds to modern trends.

Representatives of the developer did not delve into its specifications during the presentation of the novelty. It is also not clear how much the device will cost and when it will be launched.

Smartphone with e-ink screen

E-book manufacturers widely use E-Ink displays in their work. This is due to the specifics of the gadgets being created. They should not consume a lot of energy and strain the user's eyes.

The disadvantage of this technology is that it is capable of transmitting only monochrome images. Therefore, there was no place for it in smartphones and other mobile devices yet.

Thanks to Hisense's efforts to develop the Hisense Color smartphone with an E-Ink display, this could change.


The manufacturer said that the method he created allows massive use of E-Ink color displays in smartphones. At the same time, their refresh rate has significantly increased compared to monochrome counterparts.

The aforementioned Hisense smartphone will start selling in the mid-range, as will the Hisense A5, which debuted late last year.

Experts have already expressed their preliminary opinions on the novelty. Everyone agreed that it will be aimed at the target audience who prefers devices with high autonomy.

Hisense Color's launch date and specifications remain unknown.

Smart city technology

Fifth generation networks are ubiquitous. This helps to increase the number of connected devices. At this time, it is theoretically possible to create an entire infrastructure of a smart city, forming a single ecosystem.

Samsung presented V2X technology at CES 2020, which is tied to 5G networks. Its main idea is to create conditions under which the driver of any vehicle must always be aware of what is happening next to him.

For clarity, the creators of the concept demonstrated a video with scripts from real life. If, for example, a car enthusiast receives information about an ambulance or a fire truck following, then he must slow down and give way.

When approaching a pedestrian crossing, the system warns him about the need to increase his attention and readiness for a complete stop of the vehicle.

Other cases have been demonstrated that are reflected in reality, but the creators of the new technology did not explain when it might appear in our lives.

A drone equipped with a high definition camera and night vision

Autel Robotics brought the EVO II unmanned aerial vehicle to CES 2020. It is equipped with night vision, the ability to record 8K video.


Three drone configurations were presented. In the simplest configuration, he received a camera with a CMOS sensor and the ability to record video in 8K resolution (8000x6000 pixels). It measures 0.5 '' inline, and the next EVO II has a 6K sensor and double the diaphragm.

The EVO II Dual version is additionally equipped with a FLIR infrared camera for shooting in the dark.

Regardless of the modification option, all gadgets received a system of 12 sensors for computer imaging, two sonars and two flashlights, which are used during takeoff and landing.

EVO II is capable of accelerating to a speed of 72 km / h, its autonomy is 40 minutes. The drone can also track 64 objects at the same time, is not afraid of strong winds and is able to avoid obstacles in its path.

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