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Recent developments and patents Xiaomi


One of the largest electronics manufacturers - Xiaomi recently announced several of its new developments and patented two interesting designs. In this review, we will tell you about the release of the company's smartphone, which has the ability to work in fifth-generation networks. We will also discuss the equipment of laptops in the new line of the Redmi brand, which is a subsidiary of Xiaomi. There will also be information on a possible foldable form factor and data on the technology for placing the front camera.

First Xiaomi Smartphone with Snapdragon 865 Announced

An event dedicated to the presentation of new products from Qualcomm was recently held. It described in detail the most promising chip from this manufacturer - Snapdragon 865.

Among the guests of the forum were the leaders and representatives of many large firms specializing in the development of mobile devices and other electronics.

The head of Xiaomi - Lin Bin said that soon his company will show the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 10, which will feature the use of the Snapdragon 865 platform. Therefore, it will receive support for 5G networks by default.


Another interesting nuance of equipping this device will be the presence of a rear camera sensor with a resolution of 108 megapixels. It is gratifying that this sensor is developed by Xiaomi engineers. It was previously used in Mi Note 10, and recently it became known about Samsung's desire to use it in the Galaxy S11.

Lin Bing kept silent about other features of the new hardware.

The predecessor of this device was the Mi 9. This is a smartphone that many of the company's customers liked. They especially noted the interesting form factor of the camera, its performance, and an excellent screen. The device has one of the best price / quality ratio in the class.

Experts believe that the new model will also appeal to even selective users.

The president of Xiaomi also announced plans to release at least ten smartphones next year that support fifth-generation networks. Among them there will definitely be models from the middle and premium segments.

The Chinese will not forget about budget modifications. Many new items next year will receive support for 5G networks. This will allow their owners to access the opportunities that this technology opens up.

Redmi Ultrabooks

At a recent presentation, the Redmi brand announced a line of RedmiBook 13 laptops equipped with a compact body, 10th generation Intel Core processors, and an advanced cooling system.

The device has got thin bezels, framing a 13.3-inch IPS-display with Full HD resolution. The manufacturer claims that 89% of the front panel is screen.


The basis of the laptop's hardware is one of the tenth generation Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processors, in tandem with an integrated or discrete graphics chip NVIDIA GeForce MX250. The internal SSD is 512 GB and the RAM is 8 GB.

Windows 10 is used as the OS. Thanks to the presence of a capacious battery, the autonomy is 11 hours. The line has received a revised cooling system. It has a 6 mm double heat pipe and a fan with increased number of blades.

Another feature of the RedmiBook 13 is the possibility of a "seamless" connection between it and mobile devices Xiaomi and Redmi. In addition to the above operating system, laptops of this line are equipped with the office suite Microsoft Office Home or Student.

It is stated that the gadgets will be sold at prices where the price of the most affordable model is $ 600, and the most expensive is $ 743 . The start of sales is scheduled for December 12.

Subscreen camera and slider patents

Recently, data on a patent appeared on the network, which describes in detail the principle of operation of the front camera of a Xiaomi smartphone. A document from the Chinese Patent Office database says the new form factor does not spoil the device's display aesthetics.

After the initial acquaintance with it, it is easy to understand that we are talking about a subscreen camera. Some insiders have already expressed their assumptions in this regard. In their opinion, soon this way of placing the front camera will be implemented in Mi Mix 4.


This camera is based on the principle of polarization. It allows you to change the transparency of the sensor area in the corner of the display. As a result, this area is able to both show some image and turn off (become transparent) when the camera is activated.

Network sources claim that Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will be announced at one of the exhibitions CES 2020 or MWC 2020. Nothing has been announced about its specifications and prices yet.

Another development of the Chinese company is devoted to the form factor of the slider mechanism. This is described in another patent of the company, which provides for an original way of avoiding cutouts and sliding modules.

The diagram shows that the prototype has four cameras located in a special area of the smartphone. Two sensors act as a selfie device (located at the top), and two act as the main camera. By extending the left side of the device, the screen area is increased.

Interestingly, the application for this patent was filed with the bureau in the summer of last year, long before the first devices with flexible displays appeared. Published information about her just now. So far, all data are available only on paper.

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