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TCL and Huawei Flexible Gadgets Announced at MWC 2019


The annual world forum of electronic gadgets manufacturers has started in Barcelona. The participants and visitors of the exhibition were especially interested in novelties that taught how to develop. Huawei and TCL were among the first to present such products.

Mate X is Huawei's first foldable device

The Chinese are racing to win the mobile flexible product segment. On the first day of the exhibition, Huawei unveiled the Mate X, a flexible smartphone tablet.


This unit is impressive. It looks like a tablet, but folds in half to fit the size of a smartphone. The novelty is equipped with four cameras, 5G-modem, 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of main memory.

The gadget is advanced, but very expensive. Its retail price is expected to be at least $ 2,600.

As a tablet, it has an 8-inch OLED screen running on the Android platform.


After being reincarnated in smartphone dimensions, the device gets a 6.6-inch display.


The difference in size seems to be minimal, but in reality it is not, because only the diagonal is indicated. When reincarnated, the product is wrapped around the smartphone and the latter receives two screens - front and rear.

The Mate X can actually be used in three modes: as an 8-inch tablet; like a smartphone with a 6.6-inch screen; like the same smartphone, but with a 6.4-inch display on the back (equipped with a side panel with cameras).


The hardware stuffing of the gadget is controlled by the Kirin 980 processor, there is a 5G Balong 5000 modem, two SIM cards, two batteries with a total capacity of 4500 mAh. There is a 55W fast charging function.

The product does not have a cutout on the front panel, so a fingerprint scanner and a power button are placed on the side.

The Mate X in tablet mode is only 5.4mm thin at its thinnest point. The thickest part is where the cameras are located. There is about 1.1 cm.

Developer representatives explained that the Mate X is equipped with hinge technology, which is their proprietary and patented. It aligns the device and makes it slim in "tablet" mode. The panel where the cameras are located, although it is in fact the place with the thickest, is convenient in its own way for holding the device.

The Mate X does not have a selfie camera. A 6.4-inch rear screen acts as a viewfinder, as the device folds around its own axis. Shooting is carried out by the main cameras, but only in smartphone mode, when they are in front, from the side.

TCL Technology

TCL Communication presented several models of inexpensive smartphones at the exhibition. Along with these devices, the campaign announced DragonHinge technology, which is designed to produce flexible gadgets. Several devices assembled using this technology were demonstrated.


They all have AMOLED screens, which are manufactured by CSOT, a subsidiary of TCL.

One of the developer's managers, Peter Lee, explained in his interview to reporters that thanks to the close cooperation of CSOT and TCL, the whole world was able to show who is the real innovator in the segment of flexible devices. He also noted that broad prospects for further development are opening up for his company.

However, the leader noted that TCL does not strive for leadership in this area. It is much more important to continue this fruitful cooperation with the aim of creating software for flexible products and developing more advanced devices that satisfy the requirements of all users.

Journalists inquired about the practical side of the use of devices with flexible screens. Another company representative continued the conversation with them. He noted that there are three main problems faced by manufacturers of such gadgets. This is a flexible AMOLED screen, the characteristics of the strength and reliability of the cases of such products and their software.

DragonHinge technology can almost completely solve the problem of hull mechanics. The next step of the company, according to the manager, is to work on software. It was also said that the start of mass production of flexible devices is slated for next year.

The concepts presented by TCL Communication are in no way inferior to counterparts from other manufacturers. They will cost about $ 1000 , which is cheaper than other developers have stated.

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