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Windows 10 will be able to make phone calls


Microsoft is once again expanding the functionality of Windows 10, and this time the company wants to invite users to make calls to smartphones using the operating system. The updated Your Phone application will help you make calls from your computer without leaving your workplace. The new feature is currently in test mode.

The application menu, in order to provide calls through the computer, will be supplemented with a new tab called Calls. It will display a search for contacts with a dialer. If your smartphone has a mobile version of the Your Phone application, the subscribers' phones from the address book are automatically synchronized between it and the computer with the ten installed.

The Calls tab, in general, has all the tools of a standard phone application. In it, users will have access to such features as dropping unwanted calls, mute the microphone, transferring a call to an Android device, and forming a call history. Windows 10 incoming calls will appear at the bottom of the computer screen on the right. The utility will offer several options for action during an incoming call: accept it, ignore it, or send a response message.


Your Phone program for interaction between desktop and mobile Android-device was first introduced with Windows 10 in the massive October 2018 update. Using the application, you can synchronize and exchange files between a computer and a smartphone by simply dragging and dropping them, open websites from a mobile device on a desktop device, and send messages. Android programs, instant messengers, and the Camera application opened on the smartphone are displayed on the computer screen. In addition, notifications and SMS received on the phone are also transferred to the PC.


In addition to calling, Microsoft plans to expand Your Phone with one more option. In addition to the fact that the functions of Windows 10 will be supplemented by the synchronization of calls between a mobile device and a PC, another innovation of the beta version of the application will be the display of the smartphone's charge level. The established connection between the smartphone and the desktop device via Your Phone will allow on the PC screen to monitor the battery charge indicator of the Android device, if the latter is out of the user's reach. The new feature is currently undergoing the necessary tests and is available only to members of the closed Windows Insiders program.

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Author: Jake Pinkman