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How to Record Phone Conversation on iPhone


Apple cares about user privacy, so iOS does not have a built-in call recording application. If you need this feature, you will have to download a third party program.

Most of them are paid: in some cases you have to pay not for downloading the program, but for the minutes of the recorded conversation. But if you need to keep a conversation with a loved one or important evidence, it's definitely worth the money.

We bring to your attention 4 programs and one online service for recording calls.

TapeACall Pro

Price: 849 р.

The application is not in vain at the top of the list: it is rightfully considered one of the best of its kind. TapeACall records both incoming and outgoing calls, with no time limit for recording. The file is saved on the TapeCall server and will be available immediately after you end the call. The recordings can be downloaded to your phone or uploaded to the cloud storage.


Price: Free

This app only records outgoing calls. Its plus is that all records are stored exclusively on the device itself without involving a third-party server. The application itself is free to download, but for its operation you will have to purchase special credits (from 79 rubles). Calls are made through the VoIP platform and the Internet, your operator will not charge additional fees for this. To record, you need to make calls directly from the application, since it does not start automatically. The recorded files can be saved on your iPhone or transferred to another computer using iTunes. The application records calls within the country and abroad, it is possible to hide your number.

Call Recorder Pro

Price: 604 RUB

With this application you will be able to record your incoming and outgoing calls. After downloading the program, you will have access to 300 minutes of recording, after which you need to purchase credits worth from 60 rubles.

Call Recorder Unlimited

Price: 59 - 269 p.

The trial version of the application has limitations on the length and playback of the recording. If you want to purchase the full version, you will be offered several options for Pro-updates, costing from 59 to 269 rubles. The fee is charged monthly.


Price: Free

This service was created by USA developers. You do not need to download the application to work with it. Recording is conducted according to the principle of conference calls: to record an outgoing call, you must first call the service number and connect the person with whom you need to record a conversation into the conversation.

To record an incoming call, answer the call, and then add the service number to the conference. The conversation record is stored on the server for three days. To listen to it and download it, you need to register on the website, select a tariff plan and pay for the service.

Do not forget that in some countries it is illegal to record a conversation without the knowledge of the other person. In USA, when talking to an official or a high-ranking official, you must warn him about the presence of a recorder on your phone.

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