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Windows has become a messenger: send SMS from your OS


Recent changes in Windows 10 indicate that the corporation plans to cover the maximum number of destinations. Active work on the top ten began after Microsoft admitted that this is the latest release.

For example, their own antivirus was integrated in an attempt to fill this niche (which has long been divided). It also has its own store. However, the company decided not to stop there and add a full-fledged messenger to Windows. The Textto application is responsible for this functionality, which allows you to send a message to your smartphone.

How to use Textto

Textto app

To access the new service, you must first install the appropriate application on your computer and phone. So far, the feature is only available for Android and Windows 10. It is planned to add support for Mac in the near future, but it is not yet known how this will be implemented. The iOS platform is very secure, so third-party programs are prohibited from initiating sending messages to users.

Actually, sending a message is pretty simple. To get started, just sync your PC and phone. Then the message is transmitted from the computer to the phone, and from there it is already sent to the specified addressee. The main condition is that both devices have access to the network.

Where to download Textto?

Textto for Android is already available on Google Play (free). The Windows version can be downloaded from the developer's official website. The program itself has a clear interface, not overloaded with unnecessary elements, there is no advertising.

Whether the new service will be able to gain at least minimal popularity is still unclear. The program is still clearly incomplete, besides, the service is not available in the USA Federation. Users who have been given the opportunity to use the application say that it is a typical WhatsApp clone.

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Author: Jake Pinkman