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Inside # 01.07: new iPad; fingerprint scanners for LCD displays; Facebook VR; HUAWEI Mate 40


The first July Insider will contain information related to four electronics manufacturers. First, let's talk about two Apple tablets, the data on which was published by a famous analyst from Taiwan. We then discuss the efforts of TCL, a firm that develops fingerprint scanners for LCD displays. At the end of the review, there will be news from Facebook and HUAWEI. They will talk about the development of VR technology and technical equipment of the yet to be announced Mate 40 smartphone.

iPad gets 10.8-inch screen

A few months ago, Apple updated the iPad Pro. Now it became known about her plans to re-equip other devices of this class.

Network whistle-blower Min Chi Kuo said that Yabloko planned to release two new iPad variants - the 10.8-inch iPad and the 8.5-inch iPad Mini. The first will appear this year and the second in 2021.

The large screen version will replace one of the currently sold models: 10.2 "model or 10.5". iPad Mini will be the first of its kind in its lineup.

It has been noticed that Apple pays a lot of attention to this particular series of gadgets. Last year, they got an improved camera, A12 Bionic processor, and support for the original Apple Pencil.


The analyst also claims that both new items will be equipped with a more modern 20W charger, which was abandoned in the iPhone 12 (as well as headphones).

Experts are now wondering about the presence of front panels with thin frames and Face ID functionality in the new devices. This looks quite real, especially considering that the models will receive large displays.

It is also possible that a LiDAR scanner will appear that will collect data for Apple Glass.

How everything will actually be remains a mystery. The decision will be made by the designers and engineers of the manufacturer. You just need to wait a little.

TCL has figured out how to equip LCD screens with fingerprint scanners

Currently, only OLED screens are equipped with fingerprint scanners. The reason for this is that they have a special kind of backlighting. However, it is possible that the situation will change soon. Insiders have found data that the Chinese TCL is working in this direction. This is evidenced by the information that someone posted on the network. It even contains information about the date of the first commercial devices equipped with the new technology.

It is known that a team of specialists from TCL worked for two years to create a fingerprint scanner for an LCD display. They tried a lot of options and settled on the development of a special film that allows you to improve the indicators of the maximum brightness of screens. At 450 nits and above, high fingerprint recognition accuracy is achieved. The margin of error is only 3%.

Network informants claim that the technology provides for the illumination of the location of the sensor, but it will not be visible to the user. Displays of this type are already being developed. Devices equipped with them will not go on sale until next year.

It has been established that TCL is not the only company working on this technology. Something similar will soon be shown by other Chinese electronics manufacturers: Xiaomi and HUAWEI.

Facebook develops new VR technology

VR devices have been talked about for a long time, but so far engineers have only been able to create bulky devices with an abundance of wires and low resolution.

A team of Facebook engineers is actively developing in this direction. Facebook's VR systems are supposed to be compact and technologically advanced.

Images of one of the company's prototypes, shaped like large sunglasses, have appeared online.


The device does not have refractive optics, but it received holographic lenses. Here, light is reflected between the lens and the display before entering the eye. The result is a large focal length in a small space.


Currently, the gadget is capable of displaying images only in green. Therefore, it is too early to talk about the completion of work on these glasses. The developer's specialists are trying to teach him to display all colors. It is not known when they will succeed, but now we are not even talking about the approximate timing of the announcement of the new technology.

HUAWEI Mate 40 won't get a subscreen selfie camera

Shortly before the start of sales of a new model of any gadget or device, a lot of rumors about this are activated on the network. The same was the case with the HUAWEI Mate 40 smartphone, which was predicted to have a front camera under the display.


However, recently a new report from a group of insiders was released, in which this rumor is denied. It says that one of the network informants was lucky to see a prototype of the device. He had a regular selfie camera positioned at the top of the display.

True, no visual evidence was presented.

Previously, it was assumed that HUAWEI will receive exclusive rights to use the Visionox sub-screen selfie camera. This developer has already started production of such modules, which will receive some hardware and software solutions to improve image quality.

It is also known that Visionox has created technology to minimize the "haze" of photos when shooting through the screen. A number of smartphone manufacturers are interested in the development.

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