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Kingdom Come Deliverance - Medieval Survival Guide


Kingdom Come Deliverance is perhaps one of the most hardcore and realistic games to come out in recent years.

The main feature of the Warhouse Studious project is its historical accuracy, which is expressed both in the gameplay and in the plot, in which there are not even blacks, as we talked about in one of the previous articles.

A real simulator of a medieval slave awaits the player, and given that the Middle Ages was not the most friendly time, the gamer will have to suffer, suffer a lot. However, no matter how hardcore Kingdom Come Deliverance is, there are several ways to greatly simplify the game, which we will discuss in this article.


Leveling Tips

The game has a standard leveling system for the Elder Scrolls series: the more you do an activity, the faster you become a specialist in it. After reaching every second level, you can choose a perk that allows you to improve the characteristics of the character and get useful bonuses.

With regards to fast leveling, since a new level is given by increasing various skills, we advise you to devote more time to pumping “Vitality”. Any active actions, whether it be jogging across the fields, battles and climbing, can make Jindrich not only more enduring, but also get a new level as soon as possible.


The game encourages any method of passing, but whether you are a thief, diplomat or a fighter, there are several useful skills in the main leveling branch that we recommend taking first of all:

  • First aid. You don't have to be afraid to bleed, because the skill allows you to bandage wounds
  • Scout. Increases the chance of dodging enemy attacks and increases the distance that can be covered with fast travel
  • Insomnia. Jindrich will be able to go without sleep for a longer amount of time

How to make money

Already in the game itself, it is obvious that quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance will not give a good profit, but there are several other life hacks that allow you to make a well-to-do nobleman out of a beggar Jindrich.

The easiest way to get rich and raise more pennies is to sell loot to local traders, so don't forget to bargain with every trade.

Pay special attention to the "Last Try" perk. Offer the merchant the most disadvantageous deal, and after activating the perk, you can get a 50% increase in the amount of goods sold or get a small discount.


The passage of Kingdom Come Deliverance as a thief is a real gold mine: break into houses at night, take everything that is bad, pick locks, rob everyone you meet, and within a few hours you can earn up to 5000 grosz.

An option for the bravest: clear out the bandit camps. For each camp, Bernard in the settlement of Ratay will reward with pennies, also do not forget to remove equipment from the robbers, it can be profitably sold from merchants.

How to save

The Kingdom Come Deliverance save system in 2018 is the most controversial decision of the developers, which at the beginning of the game can cause a lot of problems. In order not to die by an absurd accident and lose several hours of game progress, we will tell you about the ways to save in the game.


Of course, there are automatic saves in Kingdom Come Deliverance, but you shouldn't hope for them, since they are triggered only at the beginning of story quests or when key points are reached in already started tasks. We advise you to get a personal bed and sleep in it for an hour to activate saving.

In baths and taverns, you can also save, but for each service in public institutions, Indrich will be required to receive a gold coin. If you are far from civilization, then there are hunting camps scattered in the forest, which can be used for conservation. And, of course, saving schnapps is the only way to survive at any time.


Important news: soon the developers will release a patch on Kingdom Come Deliverance that adds an autosave function after exiting the game.

How to repair equipment

Unlike conventional RPGs in Kingdom Come, equipment becomes unusable not only during combat, but even when worn normally. In addition, worn armor will scare away other characters from Jindrich.


There are two ways to repair equipment in the game:

  • Use the services of a wizard. Just keep in mind that repair prices can be shocking, and shoes, armor and weapons are repaired by different craftsmen
  • Fix it yourself. The system is a bit similar to the one in The Witcher 3: there are also two types of repair kits (for minor and serious damage), but to use them you need to pump the Repair skill

How to pick locks and where to find master keys

Way of a Thief is an effective, but not the easiest way to earn pennies in Kingdom Come Deliverance. A gamer who decides to earn dishonest labor can ruin his reputation with the characters in the game, or even go to jail. Punishment can be avoided by being careful and learning how to pick locks quickly.

The first lockpicks can be found at the very beginning of the game at Votov's - this is one of the rare traders who sells lockpicks. The following lockpicks can be obtained from millers Peshek and Wojciech, who will meet on the thieves' quest line.


Breaking locks on the keyboard and mouse is as easy as shelling pears: using the mouse, we find the vulnerable point of the lock and, holding down the D key, move the locking mechanism, while simultaneously holding the mouse cursor at the initial position. On the gamepad, the system is the same, but because of the strong vibration of the controller, it becomes difficult to keep the cursor on a vulnerable point in the keyhole. To make it easier to hack, we recommend disabling the gamepad vibration function in the console settings.

How to learn to fight


If you don't understand the combat system, then even a duel with an ordinary peasant may seem like real torture, and what can we say about a battle with several opponents. First, you need to keep in mind that Kingdom Come Deliverance is a game where the outcome of the duel is influenced not by the weapon, but by the agility of the gamer. With proper dexterity, you can bring down even with a simple sword high-level armored knights. The most important thing is to master the timing system and wait for the moment to strike.

KINGDOM COME DELIVERANCE learning how to fight

It's quite simple: while the enemy's stamina scale is full, your attacks will not take away his health, so you need to dodge enemy attacks in time and, noticing the enemy's fatigue, strike back.

We hope that our guide will help you survive in the harsh world of medieval Czech Republic. If you have not yet decided whether to download Kingdom Come Deliverance on Steam , we recommend reading the materials on our website, where we talk about the main advantages and disadvantages of the game.

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