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Kingdom Come Deliverance - Six Fun Facts About the Game


The release of the game Kingdom Come Deliverance became a real sensation: an unknown developer studio for a ridiculous amount of money by modern standards created one of the best and largest RPGs in recent years.

The development of a medieval RPG game was given to Warhouse studio with great difficulty, as not a single publisher believed in the game and the developers worked around the clock to release Kingdom Come Deliverance by the scheduled release date. Whatever it was, but RPG has already won many fans, so we have prepared some interesting facts about the game for you.

Kingdom Come Deliverance game facts

Bakers depicted on church murals

Kingdom Come Deliverance is a truly popular game, after all, it was developed with donations from ordinary gamers, so in order to attract the largest number of bakers, the developers came up with several interesting promotions. The players with the most money for development have been immortalized in the murals seen on the walls of the churches in the game. In such a simple way, some gamers have made themselves into history. Will have something to tell grandchildren.

Kingdom Come Deliverance church and bikers

Creation of artificial intelligence by real scientists

Kingdom Come Deliverance can be problematic due to the fact that almost all characters in the game live their own lives: sleeping, eating, going to work and relaxing in local drinking establishments. At the same time, the developers did not forget about additional patterns of character behavior: if you throw an object on the ground, then a local peasant can take it and then use it, and various NPCs also react differently to Jindrich's actions.

Kingdom Come Deliverance AI

To achieve the most realistic behavior of the characters, the developers even turned to the staff of the Prague Charles University for help. Kingdom Come Deliverance is a game where real graduate scientists were engaged in the creation of AI.

A companion dog, crossbows and wayward horses were supposed to appear in the game

The developers, when raising funds on their kickstarter page, promised that they would introduce a dog partner into the game when the goal of $ 1 million is reached. As you can see, the goal was successfully achieved, but the dogs were forgotten. Sobaken, as in Fallout 4, had to look for in-game items, help in the hunt and heroically bite adversaries' throats.

Kingdom Come Deliverance companion dog

The developers also abandoned the crossbow, leaving only one type of ranged weapon in the game - the bow. It can be assumed that Warhouse has hid the crossbow for the next parts of the game, but for now, one can hope that over time, mods will be released on Kingdom Come Deliverance that add crossbows, arquebus and other long-range weapons. As for the horses in Kingdom Come Deliverance, initially they had to have their own intelligence and even refuse to follow the player's commands that they might consider dangerous for themselves.

An innovative melee system copied by Ubisoft before Kingdom Come was released

The development of the game dragged on for four long years, and one of the main distinguishing features of the RPG was to be an unusual combat mechanic, where an attack with a weapon can be carried out in different directions. As you know, plagiarism is the engine of progress, so Ubisoft successfully jumped in, which in 2015 announced a game with a very similar melee system - For Honor.

Kingdom Come Deliverance combat system

To Warhouse's credit, we can say that they fulfilled their promise to create the most realistic first-person combat system, and at a much better level than their colleagues from Ubisoft.

Real Czech buildings are present in the game world

Of course, it is no secret that the developers meticulously created the game world, in many ways corresponding to the landscape of modern Czech Republic. But the developers did not think this was enough, and they went even further: they analyzed historical documents and placed in the game several real buildings that existed in 1403 and are still on the territory of the Czech Republic. Many such structures can be found on the Kingdom Come Deliverance map and in the game itself, for example, the fortress in Ratai.

Kingdom Come Deliverance real places in the game

Warhouse Studios, led by Daniel Vavra, is a bunch of real maniacs when it comes to realism. The combat system, real locations and even the plot are completely based on a real historical conflict in medieval Bohemia. By the way, we recently published articles in which we talk about the main characters of the game and why there are no blacks in Kingdom Come Deliverance.

The actor who voiced Indrich has already appeared in the medieval setting

Tom Makey, who gave the main character of the game facial animation and a voice in English dubbing, has already played in a similar role. In 2013, he played the role of King Henry II's uncle in the English TV series The White Queen. The plot of the series takes place after the internecine conflict between the dynastic orders of the White and Red Rose in medieval Great Britain, and resembles "Game of Thrones" without magic and dragons.

Kingdom Come Deliverance who voiced the main character

If you have not yet started your exciting adventure in medieval Bohemia, we recommend not pirating the game, but downloading Kingdom Come Deliverance in incentive so that the developers in the next part will fix all the errors and, most importantly, finally add a companion dog!

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