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Kingdom Come Deliverance - First Look at the 2018 Main RPG


Kingdom Come: Deliverance is one of the most anticipated RPGs of the year and will bring a series of revolutionary changes to the RPG genre.

In the modern world, large role-playing games try to simplify the gameplay and role-playing elements as much as possible. Everything will change after the release of Kingdom Come Deliverance in 2018, which will become a real outlet for all fans of complex, non-linear and atmospheric RPG projects.

According to the numerous demonstrations of the game by the developers, it becomes clear that some of the gamers will extol Kingdom Come, while the other will try to forget the game like a bad dream.

We note an interesting promotion from the developers from Warhouse Studious: all buyers of the game on Steam have the opportunity to win a free trip to the Czech Republic, which will be lost for gamers who want to download Kingdom Come Deliverance by torrent.

Medieval The Sims

Kingdom Come Deliverance art

The main difference between the game is the ubiquitous realism, which will affect absolutely all aspects of the game: starting with the plot and ending with many gameplay features. Forget about hardcore like you're used to in the Souls series, Kingdom Come Deliverance will be the new king of hardcore RPGs after its release date. You will have to eat, sleep, manually don multiple sets of armor at the same time, brew potions and do other things to survive in a realistic medieval setting.

The developers have approached realism so obsessively that even the food you carry in your backpack will deteriorate over time and lose its useful properties. Stunning graphics are another of the trump cards of the project, so the system requirements for Kingdom Come Deliverance are expected to be sky-high. Get ready to upgrade your PC for the ultimate immersion experience.

Historically accurate story without elves, orcs and other crap

Kingdom Come Deliverance credibility

The plot is based on real-life events on the territory of modern Czech Republic, which was called Bohemia during the Middle Ages. The king of Bohemia dies and transfers power to his rightful heir - Wenceslas VI. The death of the king was taken advantage of by the brother of Wenceslas IV by the name of Sigismund, who kidnaps the heir in order to seize power over the throne.

It is necessary for the player to take part in political wars - Indrich, who lived the measured life of the son of a rural blacksmith. The idyll collapses at the beginning of the game, when the father of the protagonist is killed and Indrich miraculously remains alive. According to the plot of the game, you will have to arrange a bloody vendetta for your father's killers and help Wenceslas VI take the rightful throne. The game will have several hours of cutscenes with fully voiced dialogues, so you can expect not only an interesting, but also a cinematic adventure. Unfortunately, Kingdom Come Deliverance will not be dubbed in USA, only full text localization is provided.

Kingdom Come Deliverance script

Since the scenario is based on a real story, there will be only one ending, but due to the nonlinearity of the scenario, the game can be played in many ways. Will Jindrich be a bloody butcher who first chops off heads and then asks: "Excuse me, but how to get to the library?" or a born diplomat - depends only on the player.

Realistic role-playing elements

As in all canonical RPGs of the old school, the entire game can be played almost completely without killing: this applies to both the main plot and hundreds of side quests, which, in terms of elaboration, should not be inferior to the quests from The Witcher 3. To solve large-scale conflicts and A large number of skills are available to the player for everyday problems, the pumping of which is similar to Skyrim: the more you brew potions, the better you are an alchemist, if you swing your sword more often, you become a professional swordsman.

Kingdom Come Deliverance next generation skyrim

In Kingdom Come Deliverance, role-playing mechanics will even offer exotic skills like reading. The son of the forge is uneducated by default, so without this skill, when reading books, Indrich will see a random set of letters instead of text.

Every piece of equipment, be it gloves or weapons, will eventually wear out and become covered in blood, which will be noticed by NPCs. The guards may have uncomfortable questions about the bloody armor, and the nobles will treat Indrich better if the player puts on an expensive robe.

Sophisticated combat system

What is a story about the Middle Ages without bloody battles? In Kingdom Come Deliverance, this good is in bulk: the player will have to take part in small skirmishes and large-scale battles, where there will be hundreds of opponents. Of course, battles can be avoided, but if a gamer wants to feel like a knight, then the game offers an unusual first-person combat system.

Kingdom Come Deliverance first person battles

Jindrich can use several types of weapons: from swords to maces and long spears to attack the enemy in one of five directions. Kingdom Come Deliverance places high demands on the player's reaction, because Indrich is not a superhero and can die from a couple of well-aimed attacks from the enemy.

So what's the bottom line?

Kingdom Come Deliverance will bring a really fresh take on the RPG genre, but with a strong emphasis on realism risks becoming an underrated project and a Warhouse Studious swan song.

I would like to believe that such an ambitious game will succeed by the developers who will receive the well-deserved profit, and fans of the RPG genre will be able to enjoy a real masterpiece.

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Author: Jake Pinkman