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Kingdom Come Deliverance - Endings Description


In this article, we'll take a look at all the main story endings of Kingdom Come Deliverance and tell you the conditions necessary to get them.

HEAVY SPOILER AHEAD BRING UP DOCK CABLE! We warn you right away that there are a lot of spoilers in this article, so if you plan on going through a medieval RPG from Warhouse on your own, we recommend that you skip this article so as not to spoil your impressions of games.

If you find a critical bug in the story quest and cannot continue playing Kingdom Come Deliverance, or want to know how to get the secret ending, then we hope our article will answer all your questions.

Kingdom Come Deliverance ending

By the way, if you have any problems with the game, you can read our guide , which describes how to survive in the harsh world of the Middle Ages.

Main ending

Like it or not, contrary to expectations, the game has only one main ending. Of course, almost all of the 14 story quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance can be completed in various ways, there will always be one outcome. The developers deliberately took this step, since the entire plot of the game is based on historical documents and real-life events in medieval Bohemia. You can read more about the historical characters of the game and the Kingdom of Bohemia in another article on our website.

Henry's Kingdom Come Deliverance Ending

In the finale of the game, Indrich will have to besiege the fortress Talmberg, which was captured by Istvan Toth, who took Madame Stephanie and Radzig Kobyla hostage. By the way, according to the plot, it turns out that Radzig is Indrich's own father, and Indro himself is not a simple grimy peasant, but a titled nobleman.

The assault on the fortress begins with the task "We must keep the word", in the end of which the captive son of Istvan Erik is exchanged for Stephanie and, for a safe escape from the castle, Thoth takes Pan Radzig with him. Here is a notable episode when Istvan teases Indrich with his father's sword, but does not return it back. Obviously, it will be possible to slap him in the cabbage soup and pick up his father's sword in Kingdom Come Deliverance 2, which will definitely be released. After impressive sales of the game, there is no doubt about that.

Kingdom Come Deliverance villain

Together with Pan Ptachek, Indrich sets off in the footsteps of Istvan and meets his real father, who, keeping his promise, was released by Thoth. After a sincere dialogue, the credits begin, and it seems that the game is already over, but no, then we see a small prologue and set off on a new journey! Indrich and Ptacek, accompanied by pretentious music and even more pretentious peering into the distance, go to free King Wenceslas from the captivity of Sigismund. The End.

After completing the main storyline, the player will be able to get three achievements at once:

  • " End " - opens automatically after the epilogue
  • " Virgin " - Finish the story while being celibate and keeping all the ladies in the game in the friend zone
  • " Merciful " - given when playing the role of a pacifist

Secret ending

In addition to the main ending, Kingdom Come Deliverance has an additional ending that can be opened at the very beginning. To do this, in the prologue, you need to break the law: fight with the local townspeople or rob someone in public, and when talking to the guard, say that you have no money and are ready to be punished in prison.

A cutscene will begin in the dungeon, after which an additional ending will open and the " Pyro " trophy will become available.

You can download Kingdom Come Deliverance in Steam, and if you have not yet decided whether to buy the game, we recommend reading about the main pros and cons of a medieval RPG.

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