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Kingdom Come Deliverance - blacks in medieval Bohemia, fact or myth


Kingdom Come Deliverance will soon be released on PC and consoles, which the developers are positioning as a realistic RPG with a story based on historically accurate sources.

Nevertheless, on February 2, another scandal arose on Western gaming forums and on Twitter: many gamers accused the developers of racism, since there are no black characters in the game. In their opinion, the absence of people of the Negroid race is not only not tolerant, but also contrary to historical facts.

How is it that there are no African Americans fighting for freedom in the medieval game?

We urgently need to lynch the developers and start boycotting the game! This is not the first time that such sentiments have been found on Western forums, as back in 2015, Polygon underestimated The Witcher 3 due to the lack of black characters.

We decided to make historical inquiries to find out whether the claims against the developers of Kingdom Come Deliverance are justified and whether it was possible to meet black people in the territory of medieval Czech Republic.

The Middle Ages - No Place for Tolerance


First, let's recall the plot of Kingdom Come Deliverance: the game begins in 1403 and takes place in the territory of modern Czech Republic in the Kingdom of Bohemia, when Sigismund and Wenceslas VI fought for the throne of Bohemia. The entire scenario of the game is based on historical facts and chronicles. The developers ensure that they did not resort to any liberties to provide players with a realistic RPG in all aspects.

Well, what about blacks, couldn't they have been brought from Africa to Bohemia?

After all, the 14th century was marked by large-scale geographical discoveries and the flourishing of colonialism, where the slave trade was not considered something shameful. It is logical to assume that black slaves could have been brought to Bohemia by a wealthy feudal lord. Well, or another, almost fantastic scenario: a black slave escaped from the slave owner and, on the run, stomped into Bohemia. Why not?

All of the above theories and accusations of racism by the Kingdom Come Deliverance developers are mercilessly smashed against the reefs of historical facts. The first documented arrival of black people in Europe dates back to 1442, when the Portuguese navigator Antan Golsalves from the Rio de Oro brought a consignment of black slaves to Portugal. These actions were approved by the Portuguese monarch Heinrich the Navigator, who became a monopolist in the black slave trade and laid the foundation for the Transatlantic slave trade, which existed until the beginning of the 19th century.

There were no slaves in Bohemia

Antan Gonsalves

Most of the slaves delivered by Antan Gonsalves remained in the yards of wealthy nobles, and the other part was sold by slave traders in the markets. It was from the slave markets that representatives of the black population could probably get to the territory of Bohemia. Just remember that for the first time representatives of the African population were brought to Europe in 1442, and in Kingdom Come Deliverance, the date of the plot takes place in 1403, so all accusations of racism on the developers are nothing more than nonsense.

The developers from Warhouse Studious are not going to follow the lead of Western players obsessed with tolerance and are not going to add black characters to the historically accurate game. Such adherence of developers to following historical facts is a commendable deed.

I want to download and support developers

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