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Kingdom Come Deliverance - 5 Reasons to Hate the Game


Kingdom Come Deliverance is definitely a landmark for the RPG genre, but also one of the most controversial games this year.

We have previously published an article where we described the main advantages of a medieval RPG, now we can move on to the disadvantages that prevent us from recommending the game to all gamers without exception.

Before downloading Kingdom Come Deliverance on Steam, we recommend reading both articles to determine whether you like the game or not.

Deliverence is not an unambiguous game


Paradoxically, many of the advantages of the game can be attributed to disadvantages that will cause boredom and annoyance during the gameplay, so the reasons to love and hate Kingdom Come Deliverance are similar in both articles.

The game requires perseverance from the gamer, vigorous intellectual activity and tolerance for bugs. The fact that the project does not follow modern trends, is a bit archaic and avoids many gaming conventions - not all players will be a definite plus.

Bugs, bugs and more bugs

The main complaint about Kingdom Come Deliverance is the lack of thorough testing of the project, which is reflected in various bugs. The bugs can be very different: funny when the characters start walking through the air, or very unpleasant if the script does not work, which makes it impossible to complete the quest. In fact, a lack of technical polish is quite common for such large RPGs. You can recall the same The Witcher 3, which received more than a dozen patches. It's the same story with Warhouse Studios, you can expect no fewer updates until the project is fully playable.

Kingdom Come Deliverance bugs

If you are ready to put up with bugs, then you can buy Kingdom Come Deliverance right now, all other players are advised to wait a couple of months to then purchase the patched game.

Excessive realism

Before the release of Kingdom Come Deliverance in 2018, the developers positioned the game as the most realistic RPG, well, to their credit, we can say that they did not lie. Here are just an excessive craving for realism can spoil the nerves and greatly annoy. A medieval tamagotchi in which you need to eat, sleep, look after your clothes, bathe in baths - this is only half of all the troubles. Most of the trouble is the absurd conservation system, which requires schnapps to be consumed in order to survive. It is very unpleasant to accidentally crash off a cliff, or catch the crash of the game to the desktop and lose about an hour of game progress.

Kingdom Come Deliverance area

And what can we say about the alchemy system, where to prepare potions you need to pore over the alchemical machine for several minutes and carefully follow the instructions from the books. Oh yes, to read books you need to learn to read and write in advance.

Historically accurate setting

The entire plot of the game is based on real-life events in medieval Czech Republic, so the main opponents of the player are rare animals and people with different types of armor and weapons. This aspect makes the game unique, but it cannot be denied that many players will find this approach boring. Forget about colorful battles with dragons from Skyrim or giants from The Witcher 3, this is not to be expected here. You will be opposed by the same two-legged opponents, which deprives the game of variety. The only thing that saves is a unique combat system, but everything is ambiguous with it.

Kingdom Come Deliverance combat system

Combat system issues

The combat system is hardcore, it requires careful selection of equipment before battle and maximum concentration when fighting even with ordinary opponents. This realistic approach to battles and Kingdom Come Deliverance's high demands on the player is not the main problem of the combat system. On the contrary, it is the combat system that seems to us one of the main advantages of the project, but it also has objective drawbacks.

Kingdom Come Deliverance combat system problems

The combat is tailored for duel battles, so problems arise in cases when Indrich is opposed by 2 or 3 opponents at once. You do not have sweeping strikes to hit several opponents at once, so you constantly have to fixate on each enemy in turn. But they are not gentlemen and will not disdain to hit the main character with a sword in the back or in the side while he is enthusiastically fighting with another enemy, which greatly complicates the passage of Kingdom Come Deliverance. A separate hell is massive battles with the participation of several dozen NPCs - here, as they say, no comment.

Unsuccessful ending

Kingdom Come Deliverance has a ridiculous budget for a game of this magnitude (about $ 5 million), which affected some aspects of the project: an abundance of bugs and a sagging game finale.

Perhaps the developers were lazy at the end of development or simply did not have time to completely finish Kingdom Come Deliverance by the release date, but in the final a number of boring, primitive quests are dumped on the player. Well, the ending in the style of "To be continued" is also a mockery, especially considering that the sequel will be released in at least two years.

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