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10 Best Kingdom Come Deliverance Mods


Kingdom Come Deliverance is a unique and historically accurate RPG that has received critical acclaim and acclaim from casual gamers.

Of course, Kingdom Come Deliverance is not an ideal game; in addition to bugs, it has rather controversial gameplay solutions that take a lot of time and are simply annoying. But the PC boyars should not be upset, as the gaming community has already released several useful modifications with which you can change the game to your liking.

Unlimited Saving

Kingdom Come Deliverance Unlimited Saving

The most criticized system of conservation, in which you can save only in specially designated places or drinking an alcoholic drink, turning the main character into an alcoholic. If you are still worried about Jindrich's liver and simply want to significantly simplify the passage of Kingdom Come Deliverance, then install this mod, which gives an infinite number of saves at any time.

Texture Streaming Improvements

Kingdom Come Deliverance Texture Streaming Improvements

The Cryengine engine draws, of course, a beautiful picture, but even on advanced PCs it can spoil the mood with constant loading of textures, turning the graphics into a continuous soapy mess. This mod will solve the problem with loading textures without increasing the system requirements of Kingdom Come Deliverance.

No Helmet Vision

Kingdom Come Deliverance Texture Streaming Improvements

When putting on a helmet with a visor, visibility is significantly reduced, which can cause discomfort when playing. This mod will be able to completely eliminate this small flaw and remove all dark areas from the screen when putting on the helmet.

More Responsive Targeting

Kingdom Come Deliverance More Responsive Targeting

The combat system of the game is tailored for duels and when fighting several opponents it always focuses on only one character. This mod reduces the delay when focusing from one enemy to another and allows you to easily deal with even numerous enemies. Especially this mod will come in handy in the final of the game, where there will be major brawls and castle sieges.


Kingdom Come Deliverance Perkaholic

Modification for Kingdom Come Deliverance further expands the number of perks that the main character can take. There is, for example, the Agility perk, which reduces damage when falling from a height. In addition, the mod adds several perks for possession of a bow and as many as nine for hand-to-hand combat, allowing Indrich to make a medieval Chuck Norris.

Henry's Face Customization

Kingdom Come Deliverance Henry's Face Customization

This mod adds the function of customizing Henry's face, which makes it possible to create a protagonist with a unique appearance. At the moment, 4 different face textures, 5 hairstyles and 6 eye colors are available in the modification.

Realism Mod

Kingdom Come Deliverance Realism Mod

If the combat mechanics seemed to you not realistic enough (I wonder, do such people even exist?), then this mod introduces minor adjustments to the system of penetrating armor and damage at high levels. In addition, the modification allows you to use shields and halberds as weapons.

Dark Times Overhaul

Kingdom Come Deliverance Dark Times Overhaul

One of the largest mods on Kingdom Come Deliverance, an all-in-one mod. The game is changing the game balance (fast recovery of stamina, adjusting reputation, etc.), economy, combat system, adding several perks and characteristics, and also improving graphics.

Bow Dot Reticle

Kingdom Come Deliverance Bow Dot Reticle

The developers of the game, to ensure the maximum level of immersion in the medieval RPG, disabled the cursor when aiming with a bow. If you are not ready for such hardcore, then we recommend downloading this mod on Kingdom Come Deliverance.

Optmazed Graphic Presents

Kingdom Come Deliverance Optmazed Graphic Presents

Optimal mod for Kingdom Come Deliverance, which performs two important tasks at once: increases FPS and improves graphics. Of course, for better graphics, we had to turn off the grass animation and lower the quality of the shadows from the clouds, but the modders compensated for this with improved shadows, anti-aliasing and more perfect global illumination.

Mods can only be installed on a licensed copy of the game, so if you have not yet purchased the game, we recommend download Kingdom Come Deliverance on Steam . If you are having difficulty walking through the game, you can read our short medieval survival guide .

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