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Kingdom Come Deliverance - 5 Reasons to Love the Game


For all fans of hardcore and non-linear RPGs, good news finally arrived - Kingdom Come Deliverance was released on February 13th, which defies all current trends and offers a unique gaming experience.

No loot boxes, donations, DLC and other garbage, if you download Kingdom Come Deliverance in Steam, you will get a hundred hours of fascinating history and unusual gameplay. The game remained a dark horse until its release, but within days of its release date, Kingdom Come Deliverance took the lead among the most played games on Steam and Twitch.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Riding

In this article, we will break down the main reasons for the success of the game and explain why Kingdom Come Deliverance has been one of the main RPG games of recent years.

Historically accurate plot

The scenario of the game differs from the usual, cliched RPG plots, where the main character has to save humanity once again. Here you will not see the usual demons, orcs or ancient gods, tk. the main feature of the game is its historical accuracy. According to the plot of the game, in the role of an ordinary peasant named Indrich, you will have to take part in the conflict on the territory of medieval Czech Republic.

" Kingdom

The game clearly illustrates the everyday life of medieval society: nobles, executioners, clergy, peasants - all social strata and their way of life are shown as realistic as possible. At its core, Kingdom Come Deliverance is an interactive tutorial, a guide to the world of the Middle Ages.


Following the traditions of the cult RPG of the old school, the game offers several ways to solve almost all, even the most trivial quests. If you need to eliminate the enemy, then you can fight with swords, strangle him in a dream or poison food - this is just a small example, because passing methods vary from quest. In addition, any task can be completed without bloodshed, since the flexible role-playing system allows you to play both a bloodthirsty killer and an eloquent diplomat.

Kingdom Come Deliverance nonlinearity

Just do not forget that all quests affect the reputation of the protagonist and have consequences, so you shouldn't be surprised if you mess with the game character if he doesn't want to help Indrich, or even attacks him with a weapon.

Hardcore Realism

Kingdom Come Deliverance in 2018 offers an almost unique take on hardcore. In this game you will have to sleep, eat, monitor the appearance of the hero. Even the save system is absolutely ruthless to the player: you can only save with an alcoholic drink of schnapps, and if you abuse it, you can earn alcohol dependence. Therefore, cheats have already appeared on Kingdom Come Deliverance that allow you to save at any time.

Kingdom Come Deliverance realistic

But is hardcore a big problem in the game? Perhaps, but at the same time it generates just amazing scenes. For example, you decided to go hunting, you stumbled, fell into a ravine, broke your legs, and started bleeding.

Okay, we ran to the doctor, but he doesn't want to talk to you, because you are covered in blood and mud up to your ears, after which Indrich is left with nothing but to accept a heroic death from bleeding. I went hunting, it's called. And there are a lot of such unscripted situations in the game.

Unique combat system

At first glance, the combat action of the game may seem similar to what we saw in Skyrim in a first person game. But already the first battle puts everything in its place: five directions of attack, several types of weapons and the ability to use a kick with a kick like Duke Nyukem. Each battle resembles a puzzle, because it is necessary to constantly mislead the enemy, changing the direction of the attack at the last moment, hitting the enemy's weak points and skillfully parrying his blows.

Kingdom Come Deliverance combat system

A few hours of play and you will surely love this combat system, even though it may look dull from the outside.


Kingdom Come Deliverance graphics

After its release, Kingdom Come Deliverance can rightfully be called one of the most beautiful games: realistic volumetric lighting, excellent detailing of all objects in the game, beautiful landscapes of fields and forests that are so familiar to the Slavs. At the same time, the system requirements in Kingdom Come Deliverance are quite sparing, so you can enjoy the game at high graphics settings even on outdated computers.

The owners of the consoles were not left out either. On PS Pro, the graphics correspond to medium-high settings and pleases with a stable frame rate.

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