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Google renames branded Android


Google became disillusioned with the culinary theme and changed its mind about calling its Android mobile the names of popular sweets. It all started with the release of the proprietary operating system build 1.6 and continued until the last moment. The most recent public beta version of the Android 10 system, presented in the spring of 2019, received an addition in the name in the form of the letter "Q", which, according to the old tradition, should have turned into the name of some tasty treat, but this did not happen. Google decided to abandon this practice, and the new OS will finally remain under the name Android 10.

Reasons for innovation

The company explains its decision for several reasons. Firstly, the developers spent a lot of time and, as a result, decided to simplify their own task of finding a popular and simple dessert, the name of which would begin with "Q". As you know, every new Android came out with an additional name for a sweet dish. A certain order was observed in this, because the dessert of each new assembly had to begin with the next letter of the English alphabet. So, in 2017, the name "Oreo" was present as an addition to Android 8, a year later, "Pie" was added to Android 9, and in 2019 it was the turn of sweets with the letter "Q".


In addition, another reason for changing the concept of naming of the Android OS was international unification. The tradition of the “sweet” name did not work in all states. Thus, in some countries, there are no sweets on sale that complement the name of the system, and some sweet dishes are not always considered desserts.

Other changes

No major changes are expected in the final stable build of Android 10 compared to the official beta. All the main innovations of the platform were presented back at the May presentation, and now the company is focused on finding and eliminating system flaws.

But changes, albeit small ones, are present. So, mobile Android has changed its logo. His lettering changed the font, and also turned from green to black. Plus, the signature green robot is even brighter. His presence on the logo has also undergone a modernization - instead of the full image, only his head remained.


One of the notable innovations of the Android OS version of 2019 was the appearance of a "dark" theme. The updated system received built-in support for flexible smartphones. Also, the tenth Android was supplemented with full support for the new 5G cellular standard. Other features of the system are new privacy features. In addition, the updated OS received a Live Caption option that works without Internet access on all applications. This technology provides speech-to-text translation. A parental control application similar to Apple Screen Time will appear on the system.

The timing of the appearance of the final assembly of Android 10 on mobile devices largely depends on the manufacturers themselves. So, one of the first brands to transfer all branded smartphones to the new OS will be Nokia. According to the company, almost all current models, from the most budgetary ones to flagships, will be adapted to the updated system by mid-2020.

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Author: Jake Pinkman