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Android P: what could be the name of the ninth version of the mobile OS?


The latest version of Android 8.0 Oreo was unveiled to the public last summer, and almost immediately the developers announced that they are working on the next version, tentatively named Android P.

It is easy to guess that according to the established tradition, it will also receive a "tasty" name. And since we know the first letter, then we can try to guess the whole word.

Android 9.0 Popsicle (popsicle)

Frozen fruit syrup is a hot summer treat. Due to his fame, there is a very good chance that the ninth Android will be named after him.

Android 9.0 Pastille

Bright, sweet, the second most likely contender for the new OS version to be named after him. Many people mistakenly believe that marshmallow comes from France, but in fact it was prepared in Ancient USA in the 14th century.

Android 9.0 Pancake

Pancake restaurants are very popular in the USA. The chances that we will be upgrading to Android 9.0 Pancake next year are also very high.

Android 9.0 Profiterole

Profiterole is a small round cake with custard. It closely resembles an eclair, and since Android 2.0 Eclair already exists, developers are unlikely to want to repeat themselves.

Android 9.0 Parfait

Parfait is a cold dessert made from whipped cream with berries or chocolate. Sounds good, looks delicious and tastes amazing.

Android 9.0 Pastry

This word has a very broad meaning; any dessert that is made from flour and goes into the oven can be referred to as "pastry". Will we see Android Pastry? Perhaps, but rather not. The name of the ninth Android will certainly be more specific.

Android 9.0 Popover

Popover is a light, airy cupcake with or without filling. It got its name from the fact that the dough rises above the mold (pop over) in a hot oven.

Android 9.0 Praline

Praline - ground almonds fried with sugar. This is not a dessert, but its component, so it is unlikely that the ninth green robot will be named after him. But the word is pretty, the developers might want to make an exception.

Android 9.0 Pandoro

This cupcake (literal translation "bread of gold") is a traditional Christmas dish in Italy. Powdered sugar, which it is sprinkled with, symbolizes the snow-capped peaks of the Alps.

Android 9 is unlikely to have a complicated two-word title, but here are a couple of options that sound pretty good.

Android 9.0 Panna Cotta

Another Italian dessert on our list is made with cream, gelatin and vanilla. It was originally completely savory and consisted of fish bones, but now we know it as an amazing dessert that is easy to make at home.

Android 9.0 Pecan Pie

Pecans are similar to walnuts and are widely used in cooking. And quiche and pecans are a frequent decoration on the Christmas table in the southern states.

Android 9.0 Pumpkin Pie

From the USA, pumpkin pie came to France, then to England, and from there it spread throughout the world.

Android 9.0 Petit Four

Ptifour is a mini-dessert, a set of pastries that are baked from the same dough, but have different fillings and designs. Among the many types of petit fours, there are also salty ones - they are served with cocktails.

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