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Microsoft made Windows special for special gadgets


At a recent product launch, Microsoft showed a Windows OS designed for newfangled dual-screen gadgets or foldable gadgets. The new system was called Windows 10X, and its immediate predecessor was the Windows Lite operating system, aka Core OS. The company sees its new OS as a competitor to Chrome OS.

Special system

A special version of Windows has been created over the course of several months of this year. The first mentions of her appeared in February 2019. Initially it was called Windows Core, then the Lite prefix appeared in the name. The system was a modular system designed for budget laptops and tablets. Initially, its official presentation was scheduled for May, but later postponed indefinitely.

Windows Lite is considered a cloud OS, which fully corresponds to its functionality. The processing of running applications and programs in it is carried out by cloud servers, and not by the computer device itself. Therefore, the system is intended for budget gadgets with not the strongest hardware.


Difference from the usual "ten"

Windows 10X, although designed for dual-screen gadgets, shares similarities with Windows 10. The system has a modular structure, and in general is a standard Windows OS with specific settings. The main difference of the 10X is definitely its interface. In the new OS, Microsoft has abandoned the branded "live" tiles and, in addition, the usual "Start" has changed. Instead, the system implements the Start Menu window, similar to the start menu in a smartphone.

Also, the Windows 10X interface has been rebuilt for touch control of two displays, which gives additional options for using the device. For example, you can open a keyboard on one screen and a text editor on another. In addition, the flexible management system implemented in 10X allows you to move data between two simultaneously open programs.


Competition with Google

The functionality of the special Windows 10 OS has a certain similarity to the Chrome OS. As conceived by Microsoft, its new Windows 10X should begin to occupy the same market niche as Google's operating system. In turn, Chrome OS, the target of which is low-cost devices, including in the educational field, has specific limitations, including a complete dependence on the Internet.

For this reason, Chrome OS for all the time, since the first release in 2011, has not gone beyond its market segment, remaining the most demanded in the field of education, where budget computers are often used. The Google system managed to partially get rid of the obligatory condition for the presence of the Internet, as a result, the launch of the Android application began to be carried out using the mobile device itself.


Positioned as a competitor to Google's operating system, the new Windows OS is set to conquer a share of the low-cost laptop and mini-PC market, including the educational environment where Chrome OS is firmly established as the leader. Despite the fact that, according to 2019, Chrome OS is used by only 1% of devices in the world, among the gadgets of American students and teachers its share is almost 60%.

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