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Windows Vista Activation


This article will show you how to activate Windows Vista.

Activating Windows Vista is a required step after installing the operating system. The user is given 30 days to activate the installed OS, and thereby confirm its authenticity. In the event that Windows Vista is not activated within the specified time, many functions of the operating system will become unavailable (it will continue to work, but in a truncated version). In order to activate the OS, just enter the activation key. Let's see how you can do this.

As we said earlier, you need an activation key to activate Windows Vista. Take a close look at the cover of the system unit (or laptop). Most likely, it will have a sticker with the name of the operating system and the inscription product key . The sequence of numbers and letters product key is the desired activation key. If the activation key is not on the lid of the system unit, then perhaps you have a disc and the activation key is written on the box from the disc. If you do not have an activation key for Windows Vista, you can buy a license to use this OS in retail. Please note that at the time of this article publication, Microsoft has released a new version of Windows 7. If you have a question about which operating system to buy - Windows Vista or Windows 7,

So, back to the topic of our article. Let's say that you have the Windows Vista activation key. Now you just need to enter it and wait for the uniqueness of the key to be verified by Microsoft. In order to enter the activation key, you need to go to Control Panel ( Start - Control Panel ) and select the item System(fig. 1).

Fig.1 Control Panel Fig. 1 Control panel

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Author: Jake Pinkman