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Text of the request: Hello, recently a message about a Windows system error has often appeared, how can it be removed without reinstalling the operating system? Asked - we answer!

The cause of Windows system errors can be a failure of system services, incorrect stopping of applications, malware activity, etc. In order to restore Windows to work after failures caused by system errors, you can use the built-in Windows function - " System Restore ".

System Restore will roll back Windows a few days ago. For example, if you got a message about some system error on March 20, but on March 19, 18, 17, etc. In March, no problems in the operation of the system were found, then with the help of system restore, you can "roll back" Windows a few days ago and, thereby, avoid the consequences of system errors that have appeared. In this case, all existing documents, films, music will be saved, but the programs installed after the date on which the system was "rolled back" will be automatically deleted. After all, it may be these programs that caused Windows system errors. If, as a result of system failures, you cannot start Windows at all, you can restore your system from Safe Mode.

Safe Mode is one of the boot options for Windows. It is used to identify and eliminate errors in the system. This mode is rational to use if normal system boot is impossible. If Windows boots normally in your case, you can skip this step.

Starting Safe Mode

To start Windows in Safe Mode, restart your computer. Press F8 several times immediately after rebooting. After that, a window will appear (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 Selecting Windows boot mode Fig. 1 Selecting Windows boot mode

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