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7 Most Touching Video Games


Complex, long, addictive - usually video games are described with these words. But the word "touching" is rarely used.

Most games are not designed to touch the deep feelings of the gamer, but if you are tired of banal shooters from the category of "pass and forget", then this collection is for you. Here you will find games that will leave a touch of sadness, if not a sea of tears, in your soul, tempered by adventure.

The Last of Us

There are probably a million games about the apocalypse. But such tearing souls to pieces, like The Last of Us, still look. The cast of Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, whose on-set and voice acting deserve a standing ovation, has brought the lion's share of the game's success.

By the end of the 16-hour game, it will seem to you that you personally clung to victory with your teeth and nails with the last bit of strength. It doesn't matter if you agree with the final decision or not, no one will dare to accuse you of weakness if you drop a few tight tears at the end.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

In most cases, gameplay involves controlling one character, but in Brothers you have to play two at the same time.

The brothers travel across a fairytale world to find a cure for their father, who was struck by a serious illness. Despite its seriousness and some gloom, the game is fantastic. The characters don't speak, but that won't stop you from falling in love with them so much that at times you can't hold back your tears.

Gone Home

Gone Home is an unusual game. It is made in the form of an interactive story, and this is what makes it unique. You play as a girl who arrives at her family's new home after spending a year traveling in Europe.

However, the house is empty, and you have to conduct a whole investigation to find out what happened to your family in your absence. As you move from room to room, open drawers and find keys to locked rooms, a deeply touching story unfolds in front of you. This is the case when crying in the finale is not at all shameful.

Red Dead Redemption

In 2010, developer Rockstar was already known for creating a number of open-world games, to the eyeballs filled with action. And while GTA4 definitely took heart with some of its scenes, Rockstar didn't have a reputation for romance scriptwriters. But then John Marston came along and everything changed. Marston is a former prisoner trying to get his life back on track.

Unfortunately, forgetting the past is not so easy: corrupt federal agents kidnap his wife and child and force him to help catch criminals. Happy endings are rarely prepared for Western heroes, so you have to go through everything from start to finish to see who survives and who dies. Just remember to put a couple of handkerchiefs nearby.

The Walking Dead: Season One

The events of the game take place in the same world as the events of the series and comics: a zombie apocalypse, the struggle for survival, etc. The peculiarity of the game is that you very often have to choose - what to answer, who to help first and even who to donate.

The characters and their characters are drawn so well, and the game is so addictive that it is simply impossible to pass it without becoming attached to anyone. Still, try not to get attached too much: the chances that this particular character will not live up to the next chapter are very, very high.

Halo: Reach

If you are familiar with the Halo series, then you know in advance that there will be no happy ending. Halo: Reach is a prequel to the entire story, it tells about the events that happened before Halo 2001: Combat Evolved.

Your team's goal at the end of this game is to launch the Pillar of Autumn ship. Once you do that, you begin the chain of events that other Halo games are based on. Your battle will be lost, the planet is destroyed, and this is definitely sad.

Final Fantasy VII

Even if you do not consider yourself a particularly susceptible player, you will definitely feel the moment when Final Fantasy VII takes its soul with iron tongs. This is when one of the villains in the most unexpected rises to deal a fatal blow to one of your team members.

This cannot be fixed, and even a phoenix will not come to revive the deceased. You can only erase a stingy tear and start the next disc.

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