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Devices that help protect against coronavirus


The main problem of all mankind at the moment is the COVID-19 pandemic. Specialists, scientists, biologists are actively working to create a vaccine and drugs that can effectively cure this infection. Electronics manufacturers are contributing to the prevention of the spread of infection. Many such businesses are developing devices that can help protect against coronavirus. Let's talk about a few of them.

Fitbit Wearables

Researchers from several countries are working to create an algorithmic model for determining whether a person is sick. Specialists of the Stanford University School of Medicine have certain developments here.

The model they created is capable of using the data transmitted by wearable devices. The team is already trying to test this method on products developed by Fitbit. Also, we have established contacts with representatives of other electronics manufacturers. Scientists are also looking for partners to help improve the diagnostic tool.

Fitbit (owned by tech giant Google) is actively helping researchers, providing 1,000 smartwatches for experiments.


In the course of this, experts want to work out their idea, which is to detect symptoms by wearable gadgets that indicate a viral infection. The main thing is to do this before the person himself notices the presence of health problems.

These symptoms include: fever, shortness of breath, heart palpitations. There are others about which little is known yet.

Early detection of cases will play a big role in the prevention of coronavirus, since at the initial stage of the disease, a person unknowingly spreads the virus.

One of the representatives of the Stanford University School of Medicine commented on the work being done there. He explained that wearable devices measure various parameters of human life at least 250,000 times a day. Therefore, they can be considered powerful control devices.

Medical school laboratories want to access these measurements and figure out how to determine the onset of the disease as early as possible. It is better if it is possible to diagnose the first signs before the onset of the active phase of the disease.

Recently, Apple and Google announced that they are working on an application that will allow the government to track the contacts of those infected with the coronavirus. This will play a big role in preventing the spread of a dangerous infection.

Smartwatch with reminder

Many of us understand that humanity is facing a health crisis. This happened for the first time in many years.

At the same time, some postulates have been established that make it possible to clearly form a strategy for combating COVID-19. Here we are talking about preventive measures that can significantly slow down its spread. These include social distancing as well as personal hygiene. Simply put, staying away from crowded places and washing your hands regularly can significantly reduce the chance of infection.


How long the virus lives on different surfaces is not yet known exactly. There are only assumptions on this score. With this in mind, some manufacturers have begun introducing special features into their products that can contribute to the fight against infection.

One such company is Google, which has equipped WearOS smartwatches with a program that tells the user to wash their hands.

In addition, the functionality will indicate to the person that this process should last at least 40 seconds. Now doctors and biologists recommend spending at least 20 seconds on this. Most likely, Google doubled this number just in case.

This feature works like a smartwatch notification, nudging the user to take action after a period of inactivity.

Air Sterilizer

The Viomi brand, belonging to the Xiaomi ecosystem, has developed an air sterilizer that is capable of destroying 99.999% of all germs and bacteria.


It can be used, for example, inside the refrigerator or in any other place that requires air purification. It can also be a closet or a room.

Weighing 100 grams, the sterilizer was shaped like a 104 x 75 mm capsule. Interestingly, it is not an electronic device. This is just a container with a special gel inside. It bears the main burden of performing work related to cleaning the surrounding air.

The principle of operation of the device is based on the spread of gel vapor around itself. To activate this process, you need to click on the top of the container. The reserves of the active substance there will be enough for three to four months, while the sterilizer maintains its efficiency for up to one and a half years.

It is interesting that the developers have provided for the presence of an indicator that signals a decrease in the efficiency of the gadget. You can tell about this by changing the color of its lower part from gold to gray.

The cost of the device in China is $ 8.

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