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The Future of Wearable Gadgets


Wearable gadgets are one of the promising areas of electronics. This article will tell you how they can change in the near future to make our lives safer, healthier and more comfortable.

Smartwatches, fitness trackers and VR / AR headsets are not yet very common. However, thanks to an endless stream of innovations, wearable gadgets are gaining more functions, new ways of using them in everyday life are being found, and experts predict that this particular segment of technology will actively develop in the coming years.

Here are some directions in which the development of so-called wearables can go.



The owner of expensive, but inconspicuous gadgets is less likely to become a victim of a robbery, therefore, in the future, manufacturers may completely abandon the usual form factor of trackers and bracelets for the sake of stealth. Wearables will become more like jewelry, accessories or clothing items. They can also hide from the eyes of society under the straps and flaps.

Some companies are already trying to create high-tech products that do not attract too much attention. For example, Mondaine Helvetica looks like a regular watch, but at the same time performs a number of smart functions, the gadgets from BioSensive look more like earrings than GPS trackers.

Increased autonomy


The main disadvantage of modern wearable electronics is its autonomy. Those devices that require a constant internet connection are discharged in just a few hours of continuous operation. Therefore, developers are looking for alternative power sources. The most successful options are the conversion of human body heat, solar and kinetic energy into electricity.

Caring for the wearer's health

Today's popular Fitbit bracelets and Apple watches help their wearer track some parameters of physical activity. To some extent, they replace the real trainer, or at least save you from frequent consultations with him.


Medics continue to experiment with wearable technologies and try to develop devices that could help combat serious ailments. So, the bionic pancreas, made of hydrogel, is able to measure blood glucose itself and release the required amount of insulin. All that is required of the patient is to inject a dose of oxygen into the implant once a day using a special device.

In the medical industry, subcutaneous gadgets are considered promising. With their help, you can track all indicators of a person's condition: blood composition, concentration and effect of drugs, etc. When these technologies are widely used, people's lives will change dramatically.

User Authentication

Wearable electronics can be used as a means of unlocking other gadgets, door and car locks, a payment method, a pass to work or a social event.


Thus, visitors to Disneyland receive a MagicBand at the entrance and use it to pay for all services in the park. This is incredibly convenient and in most cases reduces queues.

Smart tattoos are in the works that can be used for the same purposes. They are a temporary pattern capable of transmitting information to smartphones and scanners.

There are many uses for wearable electronics. It will significantly change our interaction with the world, speed up the passage of control and, most importantly, allow everyone to take care of their health without constant visits to doctors.

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Author: Jake Pinkman