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USAn company told what smartphones will be like in 10 years


The USA company Caviar, which specializes in the production of luxury gadgets and accessories, has made a detailed forecast of what smartphones of the future will be in the next ten years. The company called its concept "Super phone" and described in detail over the years what innovative options will be added to mobile devices in accordance with the prospects for the development of modern technologies. Basically, innovations are associated with the emergence of an additional display, the creation of flexible batteries, the possibility of transformation and the use of advances in nanotechnology.

Already next year, the development of smartphones will continue in the "two-screen" direction. In many models, two displays will appear at once - the main and the auxiliary. They will be located on the front and back of the case, while the additional screen can be detached. The user will be able to use them at the same time - on the main one watch videos, and on the auxiliary one, for example, correspond with friends.


The second display will be able to complement the main one, and together in this way they form some kind of tablet. Also, both screens can be located at an angle to each other, forming a kind of book. If desired, the modular design will allow you to equip your smartphone with multiple displays at once to get a single large screen.

Towards 2022, future technologies will enable flexible cell configurations. Due to the special structure, such batteries, and with them the smartphones themselves, can be bent in different directions, forming any shape, for example, wearing a mobile gadget in the form of a bracelet. In another three years, users will be able to modify their own mobile gadgets. For example, built-in LED components allow you to change the color of the case.

In 2027, the ergonomic properties of smartphones will reach a new level. This will largely be facilitated by new technologies of the future associated with the prospects for the development of the nanoindustry. Thanks to them, the devices will become more personalized and will learn to adapt to the hand of their owner. In addition, smartphones will gain additional stability and will be able to stay upright without additional stands.


In the next decade, smartphones of the future will get rid of the need to recover energy through standard chargers. Instead, gadgets will be able to receive a charge from sunlight. The most incredible ability of mobile devices, thanks to nanotechnology, will be their ability to "self-heal", when various scratches and cracks in the case can disappear by themselves. Despite the fact that some of the company's forecasts regarding the future of mobile gadgets look fantastic, many of them have a real basis, since they are guided by modern technology trends.

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Author: Jake Pinkman