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Top 20 Wildlife Survival Films. Part 1


Speaking of survival films, it would be wrong not to mention wildlife. Therefore, today's list of films we have completely and completely devoted to the adventures of people trapped in extreme and harsh conditions of deserts, semi-deserts, steppes, forests, fields, etc., where a human foot rarely steps (or even did not step at all).

The list does not include films where a person finds himself in the snow or ice of the Arctic or Antarctic, alone on an island, in the middle of space, on a distant planet, etc. We will later devote our tops to these topics. Also, we will not touch the mountains and water. We have already talked about survivalin the mountainsandon the waterin our previous topics.

Here we only have people left alone with the wild. Moreover, the concept of "nature" does not mean the presence of lush vegetation and fauna around. It may well be a desert in which even a scorpion is rarely found.

And we will start the first part of our top, oddly enough, with the Soviet film released in 1958, since it is she, in accordance with the rating of KinoPoisk, which takes the leading position in this category.

1. The Last Inch (1958) 7.99

Someone may be outraged, they say, they said that not a single film will be associated with water in our top 20 best films about survival in the wild. Yes, indeed, then daddy dived into the water to shoot a shark on a movie camera. But it took literally 5 minutes, and the rest of the time the son and his wounded father survived in the desert.

Although it sounds ridiculous. It was just that the bay had a sandy beach, which looked very much like a desert. But even here our main characters did not stay. The kid was forced to load his stupid worthless woe-daddy into the plane, and take the steering wheel himself, although he didn't have any piloting skills at all.

Thus, it turns out that this "survival" cannot be attributed entirely to any top. So we decided to take the liberty of putting this film right here. No matter how you turn, misadventures began in the wild, they carried their feet away from there, and they flew all over it. We think the honorable public will not stone us with stones.

The meaning of the film is already clear from what has been said. Daddy is offered a side job, to fly to a remote bay and take pictures of sharks tearing and eating pieces of meat. But instead of the prepared food, one of them decided to try the little men. Now the survival of father and son depends on how the little son will cope with the control of the plane, at the helm of which he previously sat only on the ground when the plane was at a standstill.

I'd like to kick such a daddy ...

2. Into the Wild (2007) 7.93

The feed is based on real events. And the story, at first glance, does not look interesting at all. Only after watching the film to the end you begin to feel its global meaning.


The boy, desperate in what is happening around, is looking for peace of mind, retiring from worldly vanities in various corners of the wild. Having been here and there, he decided, nevertheless, to go to the harsh regions of Alaska, which he had dreamed of for so long.

No sooner said than done. Having arrived on a hitchhike to the devil on the kulichi, he landed and wandered into the regions where a person appears once every 10 years, or even less often. To his surprise, he discovers in this place the rusty skeleton of an ancient bus, in which he begins to while away his days.

But the scarcity of food is beginning to escalate the situation a little. Well, when his refuge from the mainland completely cuts off the uninterrupted mudflow from melting glaciers, his salvation from this godforsaken place turns out to be a big question at all.

This is where the time comes to think about the frailty of being, the value of the unlived years of life and all that other and no less high.

3. On the Verge (1997) 7.88

The extravagant billionaire Charles Morse, who was delightfully played by Anthony Hopkins in this picture, flies to the picturesque countryside of Alaska in order to stir up a delightful photo session in which his young beautiful wife, a fashion model named Mickey, is called to become the highlight of the program.


A cool photographer Bob Green (Alec Baldwin), a master of his craft, goes with them. But the main goal of the photographer was not an amazing photo shoot of Morse's wife, but his wife herself. They have been playing shura-mura with her for a long time and conspired to arrange an accident in the mountains of Alaska for the foolish billionaire.

But the villainous fate loves to throw out a trick every now and then, but those that are simply out of the ordinary. So this time, everything turned out not at all as expected by all the members of the group going to see the local attractions. The plane crashes in the snow on the slopes of the mountains, and now the money-bag Morse, the unfortunate photographer Green and his assistant will have a hard way to the people.

It's very cold. Very hungry. Moreover, a man-eating bear is following in the footsteps, which, by hook or by crook, still managed to pick up the photographer's assistant. Really, there is no time for insidious plans. Although ...

4. Survivor (2015) 7.81

This masterpiece at one time was awarded so many gold awards in so many nominations that the list of all would take half of our article. We will limit ourselves to mentioning three Golden Globes and three Oscars, one of which went to DiCaprio personally (here - to the hunter Hugh Glass), the famous killer of grizzly bears.

Needless to say, the episode of the fight with the bear turned out to be very believable and creepy. But even more terrible was the fate of his Indian son, who died through the fault of the traitor John Fitzgerald, played here by the main"Venom"of all times and peoples - Tom Hardy.

And now Hugh must survive at any cost. Thrown in the middle of the northern forests in the cold season, he, meanwhile, wins in a harsh battle with the wild. After all, he has to take revenge on the traitor Fitzgerald by all means.

But will he still have the strength for such a difficult task? After all, Fitzgerald is also not a bastard. Yes, and the bear was not dented. And from hunger and cold did not grow thin to a skeletal state.

5. Shal / Old Man (2012) 7.79

It all starts very uninteresting. Somewhere in the semi-desert steppes of Kazakhstan there is a small settlement in which ordinary peasants live. They are mainly engaged in sheep breeding. The tale is about one of the Kazakh families, consisting of an old man, a daughter-in-law and her son. While far away in big cities life boils with the latest fashion, science and technology, everything here stopped somewhere on the border of the 80s - 90s of the last century.

Interest appears when it becomes clear that the old man, who drove his flock of sheep to the winter house, was lost in the steppe in the fog. And, meanwhile, hungry and angry wolves roam the area, stirred up by some cool city people on the Hummer, trying to hunt them.

The hunt very quickly turned in the opposite direction. Now the wolves have begun to hunt people. And, having dealt with the would-be hunters, they set to work for the lost old man and his flock.

The poor old man will literally have to fight for life in hand-to-hand combat, while the local idiots and the authorities all cannot budge to start looking for him ...

6. Taiga Tale (1979) 7.68

Not everyone is so lucky - having arrived at their abandoned winter quarters in the middle of the taiga region, to find a young beauty in their bed. Only the joy of Akim, played here by the famous pirate "Rats" from "Guest from the Future" Mikhail Kononov, was not long.


Beauty El turned out to be very sick, and Akim had to take care of her on the spot, since you can get to the benefits of civilization from here only by helicopter. And he succeeds in the slightest degree. Having regained consciousness, the girl told Akim a story about how she got here. It turns out that here, for fun, Akim's acquaintance brought her with him - the grim and reckless Casanova Gog, whom Akim later found on the river bank with a broken head.

Goga was fishing and, slipping on a boulder, smashed his swing on the coastal stones. And the girl was left alone with fever, fever and pneumonia.

But Akim understands that in the winter conditions the two of them together in the winter hut with his bachelor supply of food cannot survive. And Elya, with her shaky health, is unlikely to endure the winter taiga cold. And so Akim and the girl make a desperate attempt, while it is not quite cold yet, to get to civilization on foot.

7. Surviving with Wolves (2007) 7.53

A very harsh adventure story of a little girl Misha from a Jewish family. After her mom and dad were arrested and taken to a concentration camp because they were, in fact, Jews, a foster family began to take care of the girl.


But she took care of her only while they were paid money for it. When, at one point, the money ceased to come, the hostess seriously thought about handing over Misha to the Gestapo.

But the girl overheard her conversation with her husband and dumped them on the farm to a good friend she knew. When the Gestapo came to see him, the girl had no choice but to hide in the forest.

Not long before that, a kind uncle gave her a compass and taught her to use it. And it would have been better for him not to tell the girl that her parents were taken to the east. The girl, without any, and went on the compass to the east, and in more than three years passed through half of Europe to Ukraine itself.

And, as it turned out, it was much easier for her to survive among the wolves than among the evil creatures - people in which they everywhere, for some reason, suddenly turned into. Only when she reached Ukraine did she find normal people, but she did not stay with them either. The war was already coming to an end, but instead of staying and living with her new good friends, she set off on her way back, home to Belgium, where they once lived with their parents.

Will she find her home and will her mom and dad return? Backfill question ...

8. Sahara (1995) 7.34

From the name it is clear that in this picture its heroes will have to survive in the desert of the same name. And the heroes are the motley crew of the only tank that survived after the battle with the army under the command of General Rommel.


The tank commander, Lieutenant Gunn, picks up a couple of more survivors of the clashes along the way, as a result of which an international platoon appears on his armor, which, in the end, will have to face in a fierce battle with the Nazis following them. p>

Everything will happen at an abandoned and dry well, in the ruins near which our heroes will have to defend themselves. Everyone, ours and yours, are exhausted by the long pursuit in the desert. And those and those who have been thirsty for days. And the battle here will already be fought not for some military-political goals, but for the damn well, in which there is no water.

Only the Fritzes don't know about this yet. And when they find out, it will no longer be relevant. And not at all because they will all be shot. We promise that the ending will be very unusual and everyone will like it 100%.

9. The Jungle Book (2016) 7.16

No one has ever thought about it, but the story of Mowgli is a reference example of survival in the wild.

Everyone, for some reason, thinks that Mowgli just lived in the forest among wild animals for his own pleasure. Maybe so. But in fact, it was he who survived, not lived. Fortunately, he succeeded as a matter of course.

It was necessary, as can be seen from the trailer, nothing: just to learn the common language of the locals, in which everyone here expresses themselves en masse, totally, from the smallest bird to the largest elephant. And - business then! If it weren't for the damn old tiger Sherkhan, who is eager to taste the flesh of a cunning human cub hiding under the auspices of wolves, panthers, bears and a boa constrictor (or, rather, a boa constrictor, as it turned out, she’s female), then life would be here was like a fairy tale.

But, alas ... "Surviving" is not "living". The essence of survival is that living an individual's life in connection with the surrounding conditions and other prevailing factors manages with great difficulty.

Although, more than 70% of the country's population would call our today's life just "survival". Mowgli is lucky. He lived in the forest under bestial communism, where from each according to his needs - to each according to his need. And then, damn it, capitalism. Here you have to work. Although they pay pennies for this work ...

10. Wolf summer (2003) 7.04

Here, as in the case of the movie "Surviving with Wolves", which is in the seventh position on our list of films, the girl became friends with a local she-wolf. Although this is already happening in our time, and the film is lighter in its moral content.

Norwegian sheep keepers are cunning citizens. They get into a helicopter, and so that the wolves do not eat their animals, they regularly drive them across the border to the Swedes. But this time not all of the wolves were piled over the cordon. One she-wolf remained. She just had offspring, but due to raids by hunters and the local ripper bear, of all the puppies, only one wolf cub survived.

At the same time, an ambitious novice 12-year-old climber decides to conquer one of the local steep slopes, while lying to her parents that she is going on vacation with a friend's parents. Alone, she begins the ascent and, as expected, falls off the cliff, hits her head on the rocks and loses consciousness.

Waking up in complete prostration, she takes refuge from the rain and cold in the ruins of some forest hut. It creeps in there, and turns off again. When she wakes up, she finds that a local she-wolf with a single wolf cub has also found refuge here.

The she-wolf (consciously or not) helps the girl to recover, but is not going to let her out, because she thinks that she will be in danger outside the shelter. But the girl digs a tunnel and dumps it.

But the story doesn't end there. Now, having learned that the hunters are going to inflict reprisals on her familiar wolf, she will stop at nothing to protect her from them. And again runs away from home.

Actually, as such "survival" here the cat cried, but the film deserves to be on the list. Although it looks a little naive, it will definitely help us become at least a little kinder to our smaller brothers.


This concludes the first part of our top about survival in the wild. See you again next week, but for now, as always, good mood and more cool movies and TV shows!

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