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Top 20 films about survival in extreme conditions: Mountains. Part 2


We continue our promenade of films about survival in the harsh conditions of the mountains. It's always dangerous here. Steep slopes, rocks, cliffs, avalanches, glaciers, and all this is exacerbated by the rarefied air, eternal snow and low temperatures. Yes, and you would not wish the enemy to be on a high mountain slope when bad weather is playing out around.

But in the films we have selected, bad weather and other force majeure circumstances take place in most cases. This turns ordinary adventures into unusual survival stories, which we, our dear readers, are in a hurry to tell you about. And let's start, as usual, from the place where we stopped last time, that is, from ...

11. Vertical Limit (2000) 7.11

An interesting film that is definitely worth watching. And although the story was invented from beginning to end, the plot of the film turned out to be quite exciting.

Brother and sister, after a serious disagreement in their youth, accidentally collide with each other at the foot of K2 (we already talked about it inone of the previous sections). That spat happened during an unsuccessful and tragic ascent, during which, due to an unfortunate accident, the brother was forced to sacrifice his father's life to save himself and his sister (at the insistence of the same father).

His sister is still angry with him because he then listened to his father and cut the rope. But in this ascent, if it were not for the bratelnik who accidentally turned up, she would have, to put it mildly, not very well.

The only thing that I didn't like about this film was the stupid idea with containers of nitroglycerin. It is immediately evident that the filmmakers know about this unstable substance only by hearsay. Or, they deliberately distorted the facts. Nitroglycerin, with such transportation as stated in the film, no one would have carried even ten steps. The slightest shake would lead to an explosion. Alpinists also climb the mountain with them. Delirium, and only.

12. Himalayas (2015) 7.00

South Korean filmmakers also put their hand to the high-mountain extreme, and their masterpiece "The Himalayas" looks convincing against the background of other third-rate junk.


The tale is about climbing to the top of Mount Kanchenjunga, which is the third highest in the world and is located between Nepal and Sikkim. An experienced climber Um Hong-gil somehow rescues from the slopes of Pak-Mu-taek and Pak-Chjon-bok, instructing them never to approach the mountains again, because they have pissed him out with their recklessness and incompetence.

But after a while, on the slopes of the Himalayas, he will again have to face these two. Events will turn out in such a way that the specialist will have to take them into the team. But fate will not agree with this. So, alas, not everyone will survive this ascent.

13. Ascent (2002) (6.99)

An example of how mountains bring people closer together, forcing them to leave their base ambitions and other crap aside when circumstances require it.


Two ambitious, but completely different in character, guys - Michael Harris and Derrick Williams, due to a coincidence of circumstances, find themselves together in one bundle on the slopes of one of the most inaccessible peaks of the Chilean Andes - Chikanaga.

Already from the above it is clear that they will be able to find a common language with each other. The main thing is that it does not happen too late. And everything is heading towards this.

14. Cry of the Stone (1991) 6.87

Two more guys, and again - irreconcilable enemies. Moreover, they try to get ahead of each other not only on the climbing path, but also on the love front.


Both main characters are constantly competing with each other. Everyone has a bunch of mountaineering feats and achievements behind their backs. But tough men can't stop. It seems to everyone that the steeper the achievements of one of them, the more supportive the woman with whom they are in love will be.

And here in front of them is the peak of Cerro Torre, which is in the South American Andes. Race in the style of "Who's first?" escalates to the limit. One crawls along one slope and the other along the opposite. The intensity of passions is simmering. But it wins ... Damn Brad Dourif! Where did it come from?

Yes, indeed, when the whole thing is compounded by a fierce love rivalry, things start to look much more interesting.

15. Mountains Between Us (2017) 6.62

This film is remotely, especially in its beginning, somewhat reminiscent of the feature film "Survive" (1992), which we discussedin the first part of our top about survival in the mountains.

The difference is only in three points. Firstly, here the action takes place not in the Andes, but in the Rocky Mountains, that is, not in South, but in North America. Secondly, it was not an airliner that crashed, but a small private plane, and there were only two people in the high-mountain trap. And, thirdly, one of them has a broken leg, so the unbeaten will have to drag the beaten off the mountain. Although, in part, in some places, it will be vice versa.

So, the King's Gunslinger and the hero of the "The Wire" series Idris Elba will have to drag Kate Winslet, who never drowned on the Titanic. It will be interesting. We promise. Love and tears of affection are attached!

Anyone flying on a private flight should learn from this movie. Only get on the plane if there are at least two pilots, and both of them look relatively young. Well, or, if you yourself are a pilot. Otherwise, even with a parachute, no foot on board! In the mountains or over water, a parachute is unlikely to save you. But the co-pilot or piloting skills are one hundred percent guarantors of survival!

16. Frozen (2010) 6.29

Four young people decided to go down the hill one more time and persuaded the chela responsible for the lift to let them go up the cable car one more time. But people scored on them. He has enough of his own problems. The line was de-energized, and our children hung on a cold night in the middle of the cable car at a great height. And they will have to sit like this for three whole days, since the cable car, like the entire high-mountain resort, is closed for a three-day holiday weekend.

Therefore, it is no wonder that everything went on like in Modesty's counting room from the first Fantastic Beasts:

... Witch number of times - drowned in the river.

Witch number two - she fell asleep like a dead dream.

Witch number three - burn at the stake.

And the witch will die in her apartment on four.

The hitch came out, perhaps, with the last "witch".


There was not enough space for her on the bench. And bad things won't happen to everyone. Although ... We are watching a movie.

A lot has already happened in USA cinema this year. And the USA remake of "The Frozen" - including. The film is called "Detachment", and its premiere took place on 14 February. For those who want to look at the domestic interpretation, where between points "A" and "B" not just a shop for skiers is stuck, but a whole cable car, a direct path to torrents.

In our opinion, the domestic rework is worthless. But ... How many people, so many opinions!

17. Kidnapped (2011) 6.16

Sometimes it happens. You climb an impregnable mountain, climb, and suddenly - Bam! And the child is already sitting on it!


Only in this case, the child was sitting in a dug hole. Amateur climbers miraculously stumbled upon a little girl while climbing. She was clearly stolen, and clearly not just to be held underground, walled up, and released.

The athletes decide to save the girl. But how to get down from the mountains with the child? And even when two maniacs with sniper rifles are on your heels?

Who cares how many of the six athletes will survive at the end, welcome to watch! The plot is not hackneyed, so it will definitely go to look at once.

18. Peak Conquerors (2008) 6.07

The only film dedicated to non-mountain climbers and plane crash victims. This picture revolves around two friends - a skier and a snowboarder, lovers of fast alpine descents.


Athletes - fans of extreme sports - are dragged to the top or slope of the mountain by a helicopter, and from there they fly on a snowboard and on skis like birds. Everything is aggravated by the fact that at any moment an avalanche can break out on their heels and cover the shibanut extremals.

But the shibanted extremals are the shy extremals in order to be extreme in full. Until one of them, nevertheless, fails. Although, as it turned out, this does not stop some.

This is the only picture that stands out somewhat from the entire list in that there is no survival as such. Just a film about stubborn and stubborn lovers to ride anything from high mountains. But watching the whole action is very interesting. It captures the spirit as well. And everything was filmed - really live. Therefore, it will be interesting!

19. Death in the mountains (1997) 6.00

The epigraph is most suitable for this film: “We climbed and climbed until we got places.


It seems that the guide-climbers were experienced, and with their heads on their shoulders. But why they began to be led to the whims of the first-time tourists, whom they had to accompany, it is not clear.

Well, when the team is not cold, the mess quickly spreads to everything. And in such a matter as climbing Everest, a mess should not be allowed. And now it is completely unclear how it will end. Although, the name is already clear.

It remains only unclear, at least one of them will survive or not?

20. Icy Silence (1993) 6.00

Rounding out our top 20 mountain survival films with yet another plane crash.


This time, Ben Corbet (Rutger Hauer), accused of murdering three poachers, and Eric Desmond (Dylan Walsh), who was supposed to escort him from the hills of Alaska to a place where he could be sentenced by law, survived in the crash. .

The plane crashes in the mountains, and now, in order to survive, these two will have to somehow learn to cooperate. But, as it turned out, not for long. Since his accomplices are already in a hurry to rescue Corbet, who, of course, won't thank the escort.


Next on the list is "Dizziness" (2009) 5.77, etc. But since the following pictures simply did not fit into the top twenty, we will not touch them. We'll limit ourselves to a 6.0 rating so that our top-rated mountain survival films don't include overtly third-rate and gaudy films.

Next week we will continue to talk about survival in extreme conditions. A material about survival in the wild is being prepared for release, so it will be interesting. Do not forget, with our help you can always choose what to watch from the films to your liking. In the meantime, we say goodbye to you, we wish you all the best, great mood and more cool films and TV series!

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