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Top 20 films about survival in extreme conditions: Mountains. Part 1


We continue to review the best adventure films about human survival in various extreme conditions and situations. This week saw the light of the top 20 films about survival in the aquatic environment, but now we will soar from sea level to the sky and discuss films about survival in the mountains.

Please be aware that documentaries are not included in our list of mountain survival films. We, of course, understand that such masterpieces as "The Wildest Dream" (2010), "Meru" (2015) or "Everest. Achieving the Impossible ”(2013) are definitely worth highlighting. But we will do it some other time, in special tops dedicated to documentary filmmaking. Today's release is completely and completely sharpened only for feature films, which, by the way, have nothing to do with science fiction or fantasy.

So, we checked the insurance and let's go!

1. Touching the Void (2003) 8.03

Like most films made about climbers, this picture is based on real life events. It tells about the difficult ascent of two friends, Joe Simpson and Simon Yates, to the top of Seoul Grande in the Peruvian mountains.


In short, they climbed onto it quickly and without much difficulty. But the descent, as is usually the case, turned out to be much more difficult than the ascent. On the way down, Joe breaks down and breaks his leg, after which Simon drags him for a while, literally, on himself. But in one of the sections, Joe breaks down, and hangs over the abyss on a belay. Simpson, being in an equally critical position, cuts the rope, after which his friend falls from what height to the glacier.

After Simon safely goes down to the camp, thinking that his partner is cranky. But the partner is far from being a bastard. His fall was cushioned by a snow pillow, and therefore he did not receive any special damage incompatible with life at that time.

Taking fate by the horns, he strained himself and went down to the people, planning to tell the whole world how his super friend treated him. And, as we can see, he told ...

2. Alluring silence (2007) 7.96

This time we are not talking about South America, but about the European Alps. The narrator here is the same as in the previous case, the climber and, concurrently, the writer - Joe Simpson, who survived the descent from the summit of Seoul Grande in the previous case.


Here he talks about the tragic ascent of the Eiger Peak (Bernese Alps) in 1936 by a German-Austrian group consisting of Andreas Hintersteusser, Tony Kurz, Eddie Rainer and Willie Angerer. The film was shot as a feature film, but with explanatory inserts from Simpson himself, who has long dreamed of climbing this peak from the northern, most stubborn side.

This is what he does, commenting on what happened on which site, and at the same time showing everyone how to do mountaineering and how not to ...

3. 127 hours (2010) 7.66

Many people consider climbers to be completely eavesdropped. Well, what's the catch to climb to the top of the slopes, falling from which you can break your neck? But among them there are even more shifted samples.

Like, for example, Aaron Ralston, a lover of alpine caves. This one climbed to storm the next inaccessible slope without even warning anyone where and why he was going. It's like I went to the ice cream store.

It was then that he backfired. An unforeseen emergency happened, after which the arrogant climber was trapped. In a gorge inaccessible to a common man, he was crushed by a 300-kilogram boulder. Although, to be precise, only his hand crushed. Now, in order to survive, Aaron will either have to chop off his limb or die among the rocks.

As the name suggests, he pondered the dilemma for 127 hours, that is, more than 5 days.

4. Vertical (1967) 7.64

Such a movie today can only appeal to fans of Vysotsky's work. There is no special adrenaline in him, but people in years with might and main try to rate him, so to speak, in memory of the actor.


In general, this is a good movie, good quality, but filmed in the 60s and in Soviet times, which means for the current generation it will look slightly naive. And therefore not particularly interesting.

The story will focus on a group of Soviet climbers who, under the guidance of an experienced climbing master Vitaly Lomov, attempted to conquer the top of Mount Or-Tau, which is located in Georgian Svaneti. The radio operator and the doctor remain in the camp, the other four climbed to storm the peak. The radio operator learns about the approach of a cyclone, which he radiates to the group, but the climber who receives the message decides to hide this information from friends.

As a result, as usual, emergency and emergency drives. For one idiot everyone suffers. And no one is to blame, life is like that. You need to watch, dear Lomov, who you are taking to the squad.

5. North Face (2008) 7.62

For those who are puzzled over what to watch from films about survival in the mountains, it would be a big mistake to miss this masterpiece.


As in the movie "Alluring Silence" (2007), here we are talking about the same ill-fated team that was going to storm the Eiger, one of the highest in the Bernese Alps, in the summer of 1936.

We've already seen Joe Simpson's version. So why not see how it all happened from the perspective of screenwriters Christopher Zilber and Rupert Henning? It will be interesting.

6. Survive (1992) 7.75

The news about the plane crash of 1972, and later about the miraculous rescue of the members of the student rugby team "Old Christians" in the Chilean mountains, once spread all over the world and did not leave the lips of people for many years.

We will not go into the details of the disaster itself and the reason for it. This is a separate topic that is not covered in the picture. It tells exactly how people had to survive in the highlands, where even trees do not grow around, and what they had to go to.

Honestly, the film is not for the faint of heart. But very interesting. It will teach you a lot, and make you look at a lot from a different point of view.

By the way, in 1993, the next year, a documentary film "Living: Twenty Years Later" was shot about the survivors of that unfortunate disaster. The film has a rating of 7.22 on KinoPoisk and is also worthy of attention.

7. Nanga Parbat (2010) 7.34

The story of the Messner brothers - Reingold and Gunther, who, as part of a group in 1970, decided to storm the peak of Mount Nanga Parabat, in the Kashmir Valley of the Himalayas, along a hitherto unknown route.

When a message comes to the group advancing on the slope about the upcoming sharp change in weather, the brothers make an idiotic decision not to stop. After all, the top was already a stone's throw. But when they ascended it, hoisting a flag at the highest point, they finally realized that the descent for them in such total bad weather could be deadly.

On the way down, Reynold loses sight of Gunther. Going down to the camp, and not waiting for his brother, he decides that he is boldly avalanche. But how was everything in reality? Many people think Gunther died because of Reynold.

We will only learn the truth by watching the film to the very end.

8. Rock climber (1993) 7.29

This action movie starring Sylvester Stallone is definitely on the list of films that everyone should watch.


Despite the fact that, unlike most of the films presented in our top, this one was not filmed based on events that actually took place in life, it still looks worthy.

Gabe Walker, the hero of Sylvester Stallone, is an experienced rescue climber. And when another signal for help comes from one of the slopes of the Rocky Mountains, he, as it should be, goes on a rescue mission. But, as it turned out, they called rescuers not in order to rescue tourists or climbers from the mountain captivity. They were summoned by mafiosi trying to find on the mountain slopes the suitcases-trunks, stolen by them and dropped from the plane, inside of which rests in cash 100 million dollars.

Partner Gabe is killed, and a rope is tied to his leg, like to a cow or a donkey, so that he does not fall. But Gabe turned out to be that grated roll. With the greatest pleasure we will see once again how he will punish the hated bandyugans!

9. K2: Ultimate Altitude (1991) 7.21

Here the tale is about a couple of ambitious amateur climbers trying with might and main to get on an expedition to climb the impregnable summit of the K2 Himalayan ridge.


They have been training for 10 years. And now before them is the last training ascent, in which they will have to prove themselves to the billionaire - the organizer and sponsor of the future expedition.

Just into the hands of the main characters, an emergency happens in the billionaire's group, and the partners show themselves from an excellent side. They manage to save almost all of the expedition members except two.

Instead of which they are asking for the climbing group ...

10. Everest (2015) 7.18

Again, a film based on real events that took place in 1996.

Few people know, but amateur climbers climb Everest along the beaten and least dangerous paths, accompanied by real professionals who know the route like the back of their hand.

We are talking about the employees of the Adventure Consultants company, who are engaged in such "mountain excursions". Only this time, failures and emergencies seemed to stick to their soles.

This will be one of the most dangerous and unforgettable ascents, for which the participants, both professionals and amateurs, were completely unprepared.


Let's stop for this sim. Next week, our top will continue with 10 more films about survival in the mountains, and they will be no worse than the ones listed above. Do not pay much attention to the fact that the rating of the next ten tapes will be in the range from 7 to 6 according to KinoPoisk. They are simply not so well known to the world community. But of the mountain survival movies on our list, any movie is definitely worth your attention.

So, we look forward to next week. In the meantime, good health, great pre-spring mood and, as always, more cool films and TV series!

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