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Survival Lessons From Russell Crowe

Image Information Portal The Wrap shares information that the winner of the Oscars Russell Crowe will star in the drama In Sand and Blood , which is under development at IM Global .

The film will be based on the book Dean King in the genre of non-fiction entitled Skeletons on the Zahara: A True Story of Survival ( "Skeletons in the Sahara: a real story survival " ). The novel was adapted by Ronan Bennett (Johnny D.) and produced by Luke Roeg.

In 1815, an American ship was wrecked off the shores surrounding the western Sahara Desert. The crew members, suffering from hunger and thirst, fell into the hands of local slave owners, who subsequently exchanged the men for tattered blankets. The Arab merchant got the captain James Riley and several of his assistants at his disposal, intending to sell them at a better price. However, Riley managed to convince the Arab that there is a rich man in the port of Morocco who can offer much greater riches for them. Thus began their long journey across one of the most ruthless deserts on the planet, and a wealthy friend, as it turned out, was just a captain's invention ...


Future films featuring Russell Crowe include the crime thriller Goodfellas, where Ryan Gosling and Matt Bomer joined the actor, and the family drama Fathers and Daughters.

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