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Top 20 Wildlife Survival Films. Part 2


We continue our promenade on films dedicated to human survival in extreme conditions. Today we are waiting for the second part of the top of the best films about survival in the wild. And although the rating on KinoPoisk for these films is lower, this is probably due not to the fact that they are much worse in terms of staging and plots. Rather, they just weren't as publicized as the pictures that appeared in the first part of our top.

And therefore, fans of severe adventures should not miss these masterpieces, as always, built in accordance with the rating of the CP, indicated, by the way, immediately after the year the film was released.

11. Captured by the Sands (1993) 7.10

A Disney film that touches upon the problems of human expansion into the wild, and, first of all, the problem of the destruction of the elephant population by poachers, who, because of a pair of tusks, simply kill adults, leaving the carcasses to be eaten by scavengers.


Here, as in the well-known comedy "The Gods Probably Gone Mad 1, 2", the action takes place in the Kalahari savannas, where the parents of the main characters of the film live and work. They are busy, by and large, studying wild animals and how, in fact, the expansion of mankind affects the reduction of the animal world of Africa.

But one acquaintance "fighter with poachers", from whom everything actually started, also comes to visit his parents' camp. He toughly dealt with another gang of elephant tusk hunters, and this time the boss of the poachers decided not to leave it like that, but to remove everyone who interferes with their business.

At night, the entire camp was killed. Only Ninny's girlfriend, played by 17-year-old Reese Witherspoon, and Harry, also young Ethan Embry, survived. Bushman, supposedly capable of looking into the future, took them out of the camp that night. But the bandits will not stop until they have destroyed all witnesses to their crimes, even direct ones, even indirect ones.

And from this moment begins a real hunt for teenagers, who have only one way out: for the sake of salvation, cross the entire Kalahari desert, without having, at the same time, any means of survival. Except, of course, the guide - a local bushman who has already saved his life.

12. Jungle (2017) 6.75

The world famous Harry Potter Daniel Redcliffe shines from time to time in some projects, and one of his masterpieces was included in the second part of our top list of films about survival in the wild.

At the twelfth place on the list of survival films is a film that tells about the plight of one of the travelers who got lost in the Bolivian jungle.

The film is based on the events that actually happened that happened to the traveler Yossi Ginsberg, who later wrote a book about his adventures, which, in fact, is the basis for the film.

A trinity of lovers of travel goes on a hike to local attractions, accompanied by a guide, who, moreover, is a criminal, and also knocked off the track halfway. A stormy river separates the remaining two members of the "expedition". One of the friends, not to say that it is safe, but, nevertheless, gets to people. The second, the hero of Rackliffe, Yossi, will have to hang out and survive in the jungle for almost 10 days.

Filmed very realistically and worth watching. You shouldn't miss these films.

13. Mosquito Coast (1986) 6.73

Ellie Fox, the hero of Harrison Ford, who is full of his head, has the deepest contempt for everything that happens around him. He is enraged by the slave system that has reigned in the state, enraged by taxes, enraged by the threat of the third world constantly hanging over the world.


In general, Ellie is an egghead in the style of the Christopher Walken character from Blast from the Past (1998). And if the hero of Walken, in an attempt to hide from the Third World War, immured himself together with his wife and unborn son in a bunker underground, then the hero of Ford rested his entire large family in the jungle of Central America. But nature, as well as other outside factors such as the local thugs, quickly turn the heavenly life of a family of idiots into a total hell.

When watching the movie, a lot of questions arose all the time, the main one of which is as follows: how stupid and worthless must a mother be to allow a worthless stupid father to drag children into the wild jungle? Well, okay, you yourself are an idiot, well, go to hell. How can you risk your children's lives? ..

Someone will say: "Love!" So what? To kill children for the love of a stupid husband? No, thank you. We are unacceptable. But you can look once. As a lesson for the future.

14. The Way Home (2010) 6.73

Stupid in its intensity of idiocy, the film by Peter Weir, in which, oddly enough, has gathered a whole cohort of the most famous actors, is nevertheless also worth watching. At least for the sake of laughing at how the harsh everyday life of the repressed citizens of the former Soviet Union appears to the foreign bourgeois in an idiotic way.

Everything, from the camp and the camp life, to how the "prisoners" behave, amuses the viewer, savvy in the subject, to colic in the stomach. But, one way or another, the ordeal of the poor escaped prisoners, making their way along Baikal to the border with Mongolia, look oh, as foolishly unrealistic and pathetic.

But, as we like to say, there are no comrades in taste and color. Not all of us are so smart, advanced and meticulous. And therefore the rating of the picture is already 6.7. Although, someone, perhaps, took the picture for a comedy ...

15. Gerald's Game (2017) 6.60

A very interesting story about interesting games of an interesting couple, who decided to stir up and rekindle the relationship that has long since become uninteresting, which are beginning to fade.

In one of the summer houses on the shore of the lake, in a place where there is not a single living soul (at least human) for miles around, a couple decides to play sexual games with handcuffs. Having fastened the little wife to the bed, the husband gave an oak. Here's a game, a game. Superquest for all 110%! And the poor little wife will have to go through it.

On a visit to the strapped lady, sometimes a dog, little by little eating her husband, comes to visit, someone nicknamed "The Moon Man", then the schizoid second I of her and her husband. Together with them, she must somehow work out a plan of salvation, but it will be very difficult to do this.

You dimly think when you are tormented by thirst and hunger, a wild dog - a lover of falling, tries to grab your legs, and visions and memories from the past, together with the ghosts of your husband and yourself, are constantly reaching you from the otherworldly corners of the inflamed brain.

16. Mowgli (2018) 6.32

A tougher and more realistic version of Disney's The Jungle Book. It looks with great interest, but it is better to protect very young children from watching this film. What, in fact, says the PG-13 rating, that is, up to 13 years in the cinema no-no.

Here, a hunter was introduced into the plot, obsessed with the desire to kill a tiger, whom here, as in other versions, is called Sherkhan. This disgusting feline predator attacks domestic animals, which is why the locals hired a mercenary to destroy it, who will stop at nothing to overwhelm Sherkhan. Even, as it turned out, before the murder of the child. And on this Mowgli is forced to confront not only the tiger, but also the maniac-hunter.

And everything in the film would have been nothing if, as in other versions, all the animals did not speak here in a very capacious common language, like people in the former multinational USSR. Such communication and the chatter of animals and birds looks completely unrealistic and idiotic. As realistic as everything else seems.

17. Lost City of Z (2016) 6.32

Next on our list of 20 Wildlife Survival Films is a fairly recent film starring Anarchy's main son Charlie Hunnam, Twilight vampire Robert Pattinson and the new and improved Spider-Man Tom Holland.

But, despite such a stellar cast, the film did not manage to break into the leaders. And primarily because of the rather weak and not catchy scenario. The constant "gaps" between travels infuriated viewers just like the Internet user in the video of the same name about the call to customer support.

Indeed, dear David Grann and James Gray, why, when in other travel films no one has ever had breaks, you have only breaks? They travel, return, sit at home, have a fight with their loved ones, and - back to the jungle.

In general, the film does not keep hot from start to finish. And therefore the problem with the rating. But for fans of the genre, it's definitely worth a look.

18. Canyon (2009) 6.24

Everything is here, as in other hackneyed stories of the genre. We went on a tourist walk with a freelance guide, so something happens, after which would-be tourists are forced to disentangle the brew and get out of the situation on their own.


Here the guide-pyushka took them into the jungle of the Grand Canyon, after which he safely fell off his horse and got a couple of bites from poisonous rattlesnakes. Horses frightened by snakes fled along with supplies of water and grubs. Communication - no (as usual). The grief guide from snake venom and a broken arm died without medical assistance. Further, dear young lovers, choose yourself.

About how they will succeed, and the tale will go further. It is clear that it will be very hard for them. Especially when you consider that the wolves diving around also want to eat. There is so little food for them in these parts, and two ugly and weak two-legged ones look and smell as delicious.

19. Miracles Still Happen (1974) 6.14

The picture is remotely reminiscent of the 1992 film "Survive", which we talked about in our recenttop of the best films about survival in the mountains. The picture is also based on real events, even the location is nearby - on the approach to the Andes. Only the plane here did not fall in the mountains, but collapsed as a result of an explosion over the forest foothills. And only the only passenger survived here, about whom the story goes in the film.


No, of course, many more people survived after the plane crashed. The trees significantly softened the fall of debris and fragments with passenger seats, but all the survivors were injured and died before the rescuers arrived, who still had to find the crash site.

Although at the beginning of the film they say that the main role was played by the surviving heroine - Juliana (or otherwise - Juliana, as anyone is more comfortable with) Kopke, all this is nonsense. The heroine was played by the actress Susan Penhaligon and played, and, moreover, so disgusting that the director (and she herself to a heap) wants to kick in the face.

In reality, Juliana received a fractured collarbone, a bruised right eye, a severe concussion, a ruptured ligament in the knee, had numerous cuts, some of them very deep. According to Kopke herself, she woke up only the next day after the plane crashed. But for a long time she simply physically could not move due to the fact that she was constantly losing consciousness. She already had very poor eyesight, and then her glasses were also lost. The fact that one of the eyes was completely numb from a bruise did not add to the visibility.

In the film, Juliana was, downright, super-energized. Why was it done? It is not clear. And the disaster itself was filmed in a terribly idiotic way. Well, what can you do. 1974 level special effects. Although, of course, one could try and better ...

20. Anaconda (1997) 6.08

This movie served as the beginning of a whole franchise of movies about the huge cannibalistic anacondas living in the waters of the Amazon. But only the first film received such a high rating. The subsequent ones were only a pale shadow of him, since the scriptwriters could not offer the public anything new and interesting, as well as unexpected.


A handful of daredevils set out to explore the places of the Amazon lowland inaccessible to ordinary tourists along the river itself, in the hope of stumbling upon still unknown Indian tribes. But not everyone's purpose of the trip is so banal, naive and romantic. Their guide, for example, is obsessed with the goal of killing a man-eating snake, and the people are lured into the jungle as bait.

And the "bait", when it guessed it, didn't really like it. But it was too late ...


As a bonus, we can also advise you to look at "Waters of Prey" (2007) 5.84, where the plot revolves around idiot tourists who decided to fish in a pond among predatory crocodiles. Their boat, as expected, was turned over by evil-minded reptiles. One fool climbs on its bottom, others - on trees sticking out of the reservoir. And from this moment, in fact, their survival begins. Although, how can you survive if there are a lot of hungry alligators around?

In general, we will finish for today. In the near future, look forward to top films about survival on uninhabited islands, but for now, as always, all the best to you and more cool movies and TV shows!

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